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924x4..and his..92 4x4

Haha. alright, well now that i have a few pics i figured i mine as well do this.

Its a 1992 explorer xl
it has a 4 inch suspension lift ( unaware who its made by)
3 inch body lift
33x12.5x15 bfg A/T
pro comp 8.5 bush lights
5 speed with 211,000kms
just put in a new tranny/clutch/flywheel
straight piped

Heres a few winter pics






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i wish is snowed like that here.. .those pictures look awesome with a white explorer!

i want to find a 4x4 first generation, so i can have the best of both worlds...

i have a 2wd I'm lowering, but want a 4x4 to lift... is that to much to ask!?!

haha, well it was spring time with the old one, and i figured i could probably make it through a road that had been flooded.. and then i went through a rut and had water up to the headlights. i didnt suck any water in but my auto tranny went at that point, i lost reverse Drive and 1st. it also had alot of other issues so i pretty much gave it away.
And those brackets. i have no idea.. i was gonna ask you guys, It never came with a winch, and i know those dont look beefy enough to hold one, but when the guy did the body lift he had some really nice strong brackets made up that these bolt to and im thinking maybe he had a winch on it, especially sence i found a winch controller in the back.

Badass lookin' rig. Love the pics. :thumbsup:

Hey man can you put up a link of where you got those chrome strips?

ooo ok that's cool thanks anyways, does anyone know where I could get a set of those?

...nice truck and i really like the snow pics...:D