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93 4.0 with blown head gasket


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September 5, 2007
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Pittsburgh Pa.
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93 Explorer xlt
My engine was loosing water out the side of the block on the drivers side. A friend who is a mechanic said it looked like the head gasket was leaking.
I've pulled plenty of heads on older carburated engines but not one with fuel injection and all the electronic stuff.
Is there anything I should look for on this engine or is there anything special I should look for other than the obvious stuff. Of coarse I will have the heads sent out and checked for cracks and warping.
Someone told me to use new head bolts and and exhaust manifold bolts scraping the old ones.
something else is it an over head cam?

>these things are notorious for cracked cylinder heads if yours is cracked, make sure you get a correct/compatible head.

>the head bolts are 'torque-to-yield" type and should not be reused. buy new ones or some head gasket sets come with the head bolts.

>yours is an ohv; the overhead cam version did not appear until later models.

> some anti-seize on the manifold bolts will make them easier to remove if you have to remove them again/in the future.

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