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93-94 mustang maf


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January 1, 2005
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'91 EB

Unless you have a 93-94 Mustang Cobra engine (302 ci v8) and PCM in your 94 Explorer, then it won't work very well in your truck. You are welcome to try but people that have done that, get rough running, if it runs at all. Granitelli/Pro-M makes a bigger MAF housing and the sensor for our trucks...stick with that.

I don't mean to hijack the thread, but would a Vortech 73mm MAF housing work instead? I've seen these on Summitracing.com for around $120. It's just a larger housing, and not the electronics itself.

Would the larger housing throw off the readings? I would imagine that the stock sensor is calibrated for the 55mm housing, and not the 73mm housing. Would simply removing the negative battery lead overnight be enough to allow the computer to adjust?

My brother is interested in getting more performance out of his 1993 and was wondering if this would be a good product.

well the other thing to do is use the stock electronics on the MAF like one aftermarket unit did, which would/should send the right signal. I think if you did this (the stuff under the black cap) it would work fine since it has been used in aftermarket in this way.. good luck

do a search, but you did help answer the thread question