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93 A4LD and 95 and 99 trans question


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January 7, 2006
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Middleville, MI (Gun Lake)
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93 Explorer Sport
Wifes 93 has started to "slip" in 1 st gear......intermitnently it will slip and rengage 1st gear. It drives fine outside of first, and I hav always kept the fluid full and pink. Its never given me any issues before and its never towed anything. Just a simple DD. She has always said it has stalled now and then just the same. No check engine lamp and no codes.

Also 99 explorer sport with a SOHC and a 95 Sport with a SOHC.......by chance could the trans interchange? could the 99 trans work in the 95

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well i know that the trans from the 95 is a 5r55e trans and chances are that they wont be identical. I am not the expert but most likely it would not work. But hey dont go by me wait for some one else from this forum to respond that has some real knoledge about this.

now reverse is starting to go :(

It's possible to use the 5R55E instead of a 4R55E, but you will have to swap some things like the range sensor, internal wiring harness, valve body with the solenoids, and possibly other parts. You might be able to use the same valve body providing that you switch the electrical items. Keep in mind that the 5R55E has a virtual (computer controlled) 5th gear while the 4R55E is just a 4 speed.

I know a girl who has the 95 with a bad trans, was thinking i would see if she would let it go cheap and my buddy has a 99 sport he is parting out and was gonna sell me the trans cheap.

I was thinking if it did just "swap" out i would just buy the two and skip fixing her 93. But looks like i will be installing my other A4LD from my 91 Explorer in her 93 instead.

okay drove the wifes truck tonite

From a stand still in 1st or reverse it will slip then engage gear and move....once moving the truck runs and shifts beautiful 1-2 2-3 3-4 are all nice and smooth. Only while at a stand still trying to get it going does it have problems.

I have my other trans ready to go in at work tomorrow but just throwing it out there if their might be an easier fix or stupid item causing this symptom.

Do you have an ATSG manual for it? VERY useful for troubleshooting. Goes in detail about possible causes of just about everything. It's well worth the money. Just make sure and get the update manual with it.

i do not have the A4LD one, i only have the AGS manual for the E4OD

i replaced the vac mod and appears to be no more issues, pulled the vac line off and fluid poured out