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93 A4LD drains fluid


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July 15, 2006
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91 XL
Hello, i have a A4LD out of a 93 exploder in my 91. Today when i was driving it, i was told by a guy that was in another lane that i was leaking something bad. I look at it, and it is tranny fluid coming out of the bellhousing, or it looks like its the bellhousing. Can anyone give me an idea of what might cause this, as i seem to have lost all my transmission fluid, as nothing shows on the dipstick. This has happened to me before on my original tranny, but i recently replaced it and the blown motor. Thanks for any help.

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A likely candidate is a blown front seal.

what is wierd is that when it did this on the other transmission, it was fine after I put fluid back into it. On that one, it happened when i was wheeling, but it looked to be draining out the same place as this one looks like.

You can try Lucas ATF. I have had good experiences with it. Just remember not to overfill the tranny.

I'll second the front pump seal!