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93 a4ld shift kit conundrum


February 4, 2009
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let me start by saying i really appreciate the info and advice from this forum.ive been rebuilding my a4ld and am satisfied with the progress and condition of this unit.ive been researching here and other places and wanted to put both the superior and transgo kits in it.im undecided at the moment though.ive been to 3 local shop to price out parts and i have been told the same thing by all three.dont do it.the popular opinion seems to be that not only will i dislike the effects of these kits but i will eventually remove them.im told that more often then not there customers come back wanting the kits removed for different reasons.i want some opinions on what those of you with the kits think about them.is it that daily drivers that dont understand how a trans should shift and feel just dont care for it or is there something to these claims.also im keeping my tq and am thinking bout a babit bushing that does not need machining.let me know what ya think.thanks.