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93 eddie bauer sputters after running strong for 15 minutes


February 8, 2008
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Stockbridge, Ga
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93 Eddie Bauer
just rebuilt the top end (cylinder heads, rocker arms, rods rocker tips. lifters) cranks right on up no problem but then if i let it idle for a minute it sputters like no fuel then shuts off.

also drove it on the road for like 10 miles it shut off on me while doing 35 mph i put car in neutral while coasting then started it up but then it sputtered on me again. so i parked it for 5 minutes then started it back up w/no probs but then a mile later it completely shut off on me. would not start back up immediately. then like 12 hours later when i came back to it it started up first try. SUGGESTION PLEASE

fuel filter is fairly new
fusion iridium spark plugs
looked at a different X just to make sure my spark plug wires were correct. i strongly believe all my vac lines are connected properly(but i am human) so dont quote me on that)

i seen this once on a caravan that got towed into my ford dealership. turned out that after the fuel pump warmed up it stopped working. check on that as a possibility btw 10 miles is where that damn caravan died at, every fricken time too