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93 Ex Gets A Make-Over, Jake's 5.0 Conversion


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April 10, 2013
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Edmonton, Alberta
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'97 Explorer V8 XLT 4x4
After months of lurking around the forum and looking for ideas, i ran in to two options. 1. build up the 4.0 or 2. swap a 5.0 in. And after some more forum reading i came to a conclusion, 5.0 swap :D
It took a while but i finally found my donor, an 1996 Explorer 5.0
Wanting to keep 4x4 i came across a thread where people took the awd and replaced it with a BW 44-06, after reading most of the thread i went out to one of the yards around where i live and found one, came out of '97 F250.

I havent started the conversion yet, just waiting for the snow to go, and im in the process of moving out of home. But i hope to atleast have this project started by the end of this month, maybe sooner if things work out the way i want.

I look forward to hearing form you guys, and i will post pics soon

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We can never have too many.


Here are a few picture of the old girl. I cleaned up most of the rust, the wheel wells are good and most of the gas door rust is gone just have to fill and paint. Sorry that the pictures are big i dunno how to resize?





Here are a few of me getting the transfer case




why did u cut the floor out for the transfer case? Ihad to change my transfer case it was a simple task!

it was at the wreckers and i felt it would be a lot easier to pull this thing from the top then to lay in water, they didn't even have the truck raised! I could only get under from the passenger side

More Pictures









if anyone has a explorer V8 intake plaque id love to buy it form you, its the one thing i cant seem to find at the yards around my place

Hey guys, just an update here. I decided to sell the truck instaed of rebuilding the old girl, the body is more rusted out then i thought and i really dont wanna 1000+ just getting the truck ready for the v8. So i plan on keeping the brown 2nd gen ex and just work on her, iv already got big plans for her. Oh and can anyone tell me why its so hard to get ahold of a set of torque monster headers?

Looked like there was quite a bit of rust on that first gen. I lucked out with mine. Def gonna subscribe to this and hope i see it driving around one day maybe! Keep up posted. I will look for your build in the second gen section cuz im sure it will get moved.

P.s if you part out the white one let me know if u have anything extra for sale. hard to find em at picknpull n bucks, less and less everytime

I already sold it to a good firend of mine, but i do have a few thing extra, injectors and a few other little odds and ends. If i ever come across 1st gen with little to no rust id do this swap, but as it stands my brown one is pretty much rust free, just replaced the fenders and now all i have to worry about is the rust by the gas door

Well now i guess she dosnt want it, told me that another firend of hers offered a better deal for a 2009 expy, if i were to part it out what would you want?

nothing too serious. if you can sell it def do, just wanted some odds and ends if you were gonna strip it down, looking for a newer fuel pump, rims 15x8 with or without tires, rear wiper, fuel regulator if newer and just other small **** like that. I hope u find a buyer though to help fund the NEW project youve got on your hands. And if ya ever need a second set of hands id be down to help. No mechanic but ive toyed with mine a bunch and am a tradesperson and im good with tools. and i cant seem to stop wanting to work on mine and would love to get my hands on another ex ( esp to help a fellow albertan and his project EX )

Ill have to keep that in mind, we should meet up one of these days and show off our rides. What part of town are you on?

i live in the NW part of town