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93 explorer 4x4 project

s10 warrior

September 29, 2011
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1993 ford explorer
its a 93 xlt 4x4.. 78k on the clock,im the 3rd owner.
its a project/ daily driver.

its missing a few interior pieces,the 4x4 dont work,only 1 power window works.
i got it from some crack heads,so im basically fixing what them idiots ruined.
overall its in good shape on the exterior,mechanically sound.

ill edit this post later, i spent 30 min typing and adding pics,then the server crashed lol

so far the power mirrors /seats dont work,only 1 power window works,driver door internals have been mutilated.fuel sending unit float has sunk.missing a few interior parts,lots of damaged interior parts as well. didnt have a radio or speakers when i got it.turn sigs didnt work,doors wouldnt open.




driver door power window regulator is screwed up,motor is gone,lock actuator is broken,door latch is worn out.



little dirty ,but itll clean up.



junkyard radio/ speakers.. pretty decent sound system for being from 93!

still need new door panels,window regulator parts,misc screws n other parts.
plan to use all junk yard picked parts.

more to come.

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basically what happened was ,the fuse for the power windows/locks blew,the previous owners never cared to fix it because they had working a/c..
and they was too stupid to know what a fuse was and what it did lol
then the a/c went out, so they forced the windows down and broke them, then ripped off the door panels and started messing with crap inside the doors,losing parts and breaking stuff.. the taped the door panels on..

also the child saftey locks were on,they was too stupid to figure it out, and then broke the inside door handles,along with the out side one !

couldnt drive it with no a/c and the windows stuck down,or up,so they taped the windows up, and let it sit for 9 months till i got it.

so far i only have $55 invested ,for radio ,speakers,fuses,misc screws and back cargo cover thing,locking gas cap.

If you have any window motors left that are still worth salvaging, the plastic bushings inside them are usually the culprit.... even if you pick up some junkyard motors the bushings are $5-8 here on the mainland at the local auto parts stores. There is a sticky on the subject. Just a thought for ya. I understand everything is usually more expensive in Hawaii, but could be worth the time over a new motor.

Mine was the same faded red before I flat blacked it.

Looks straight and surprisingly rust free. There's a lot of odds and ends to deal with, but if you found a donor in a yard somewhere, might not be too bad.


ended up straightening the old regulator out,installed the new motor,and took back the new regulator.


window reg ,with motor installed. it was a PITA, thing is spring loaded.a guy could lose a finger it he aint careful.


picked this one touch box thing up from the junkyard,driver window motor has power now.

i removed the driver door power lock actuator ,it was junk,door latch assembly is junk.. cant lock or unlock using the key. hard to describe why.

both front widows work,all doors lock. everything is going smooth.

Good stuff. JY's are great learning places for our intricate parts.