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93 explorer cranks but won't start


October 17, 2004
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midlothian, virginia
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1993 explorer xlt
I recently added headers and a totally new exhaust system and when I tried starting the explorer it only cranked with no start. I still had it on the lifts which is where it has remained. I have checked the coil pack which checks okay but I am getting no spark at the plugs. I know the fuel pump is working because I can hear it. I have checked the wiring to the crankshaft position sensor but I am not getting the 1.5 volts at either of the two wires. I have also checking the positive and negative voltages at the coil pack wiring harness and I do have 12 volts at the B+ terminal but I do not get the blinking led's at the three negative terminals on the coil pack wiring warness. I have checked all the fuses and relays which check okay. even though I don't have the 1.5 volts in the crankshaft position sensor harness, could my problem be the crankshaft position sensor itself.

Yes, the crank sensor could be the cause.