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93 Explorer project "The Hulk"

Ok to give a starting point i want to say that i have had a 91 X that i had the Superlift 5.5" lift on back in 2001 took it to MOAB and had a blast including jumping it 5' yes FEET off the ground at the dunes. However it was unfinished and i was 19 and traded it in for another vehicle and have regreted it ever since. Then in August of 2010 i found this 93 that i purchased for $400 because it needed a clutch and was beat up a bit. So Since then all i have done was a clutch until recently. I started replacing a few things here and there including one front fender which the other needs to be replaced as well eventually. Then i finally decided it was time for the fun stuff. SO i purchased another superlift 5.5" Superrunner lift, the one with the extended radius arms. I also purchased a set of used tires and rims tires are 35 12.50 r15. Then i purchased a set of 4.56 ring and pinion with master rebuild kits for both axles. And i wanted to start logging all this on here for others to see as well as advice. So you know before i get beat up too bad on the TTB i thought about going to a straight axle and i might eventually but i personally kinda like the TTB and this is also still going to be my every day driver, I just want it to be more offroad capable as well. I plan to replace all seals and bearings in both axles MAINLY in front while its all apart, and probably painting/undercoating both axles at the same time. Any ideas on some small things that i may want to consider WHILE im doing the lift and gears to possibly save me some time or hassle down the road a bit????

Thanks for reading if you were able to read through it all just wanted to give a good background. OH YA and i will post some pics soon of the 93 as well as a couple of my first X the 91.

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I was going through some of the stuff i have left!! and found this........

This is the Extender for my emergency brake cable!!! PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!

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Ok so i didn't take many pictures while working today cause there wasn't anything real new to show just some minor finishing touches. All in all i think its awesome and went pretty good. Still need to get a professional alignment and some NEW tires but i am pretty satisfied. Anyway here is pics of the finished product.






So my kids were looking at the trucks parked next to each other and i had to share the comment made. They said mine is like "The Hulk" and Anthony's is like "Captain America" LMAO we got a huge kick out of that!!! Anyway the next picture is of the beer bottles and brake cleaner bottles that i used!! still gotta clean that up lol!!

Ok so Final Thoughts!!! There were a few brackets and things that didn't line up to well had to fight a little. Drivers side radius arm was one of these but it wasn't too bad. Also the passenger side radius arm bracket. The brake lines i got were skyjacker brand and didn't come with all the necessary hardware and personally dont think they were long enough so i had to reroute both sides to give me more slack to where i was comfortable. Also everything on the right side of my truck was complicated and i think it may have been through an accident or wheeled pretty hard on the right side. Anyway I am driving it to work tomorrow which is 30 miles 1 way. So hopefully all will be ok. Springs are REALLY STIFF!!!!!! But it rides ok. Axle pivot bolt is roughly 1" higher than center of hub. I drove it around the block without adjusting the toe and it was pretty tough going lol and when accelerating you could FEEL the front end come up, after doing a rough home toe in measuring front and rear of tires appeared to be toed in about 1/4" drove again and it seems Great. Took it on the freeway and the combination of gears and tires actually impresses me and there was a little bumpsteer but not too bad.. I do need to trim the fenders a little for the tires to clear at full lock but it isn't TOO horrible and will get me by for at least a day or two.. So i will let ya know how everything goes when i get home tomorrow..

41 ÷ 11 = 3.73 gears ;)

Truck looks great! :thumbsup:

You mention a bit of bumpsteer... Does your steering linkage sit down flat, or is it pulled up at an angle? (pitman arm not long enough for the lift?) Looks like it might be in some of your pics.
You might want to check into some better steering options if so, not just for the handling, but because it also really plays hell on your tires too.

Yes I do need a longer pitman arm this is just the 400 that came with the kit but it'll do for now!! And thanks I thought it was odd that it had 4.11 lol makes sense now!! Now I just need to trim fenders and get NEW tires, and a professional alignment!!

Just thought i would give a quick update!! Been driving her to work everyday this weekend and getting a bit more used to the feel. I can definately feel the rear swaybar missing but not sure that its enough to make me want to put it back on! I am kind of daily looking things over and not really checking torque or anything just making sure nothing OBVIOUS is wrong. On a good note, I haven't seemed to have lost one drop of oil from the front or rear end which is the first time since i bought it 2 years ago. ITS AWESOME. Secondly i was wondering a couple things maybe someone can help me out with. First it seems like the hub on the passenger side is getting pretty warm, however i have never really felt them before so im not sure if its new since the wheels and tires or not, I did go ahead and take the hubs off and retighten the nuts, including torquing the outer nut to 200 ft/lbs. So the question is does anyone elses hub get warm when driving, and how warm. I verified that it wasn't in the locked position and while typing this realized i should check to make sure that its not just stuck locked anyway i will do that when i get home. Next question you may need a picture to understand which again i will get later, but the lift kit came with a new crossmember to replace the stock one that held the stock radius arms, but it appears as though it may get in the way of the front drive shaft on UP travel of the drivers side, anyone think i could get by without this?? when you see the pics later i think you will understand my concerns a little more.

ok here is the pictures of the crossmember!



Next is a picture i forgot to add earlier this is the emergency brake cable extender superlift sent with the kit! It works but it isn't what it should be its only like 1 inch longer than the stock piece so i will have to figure something else out but itll work for now.

last thing i noticed is the passenger side spring seems to be bowed forward a little bit you can kinda tell in this pic any ideas why????? Drivers side is not like this.


Definitely need to figure something else out with the e-brake cable and i have been given an idea or two so will pursue these and fill ya in on what i did. Meanwhile i did some fender trimming today and i am pretty happy with the results so far. Here are some pics.
What i did was used electrical tape to form the new Edge i was going to cut then i cut it with an angle grinder then used a crescent wrench to bend the lip in and a rubber mallet to try and smooth it out some.




Well my passenger side mile marker hub blew out today!!!! WTF not sure why but I don't think its a coincidence that its the same one that was getting hot! Put it in 4 Lo just to climb a tire or two for a small loser flex pic and it just blew out man! So the hulk will be out of commission until I figure out which route to take for new hub? Not sure if I want to get the jeep ones or not

..The heat (or noise) attributed with the auto hubs is due to the wear on the cams and wear on the innards as hey are trying to continually engage..

..Go to the junkyard and grab yourself a pair of stock manuals (or possibly new) and the hardware for cheap..They are made by Warn and are the same ones selling for over $200 bucks a pair except they don't have the warranty..

..They should hold you over for a while as I go years before I do something stupid with mine..:D

These were already manual hubs I got from the junkyard, one was warn one milemarker I will probably just hit the scrapyard again for another if I can find one!

Satisfied with the gear ratio?

Actually yes I am happy and impressed. Need a locker in the rear and i would like lower transfer case gearing or an automatic transmission! Any suggestions there?

Ok I went ahead and checked out the pick and pull and found a limited with some warn hubs so i took one for 10 bucks. Replaced it and took some pictures of the old one to show what it did, since it was quite impressive in my book.





And here is a couple of the new hub




So it is back but i will wait to try out the 4wd again until i have more days off work JUST IN CASE!!

Actually yes I am happy and impressed. Need a locker in the rear and is like lower transfer case gearing or an automatic! Any suggestions there?

No sorry, haven't gone there myself as of yet. Leaning towards 5.13 or 4.88 and electric selectable for the front, probably just a normal locker for the rear.

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Thus far all is well, kinda? I keep hearing a noise when i hit any bump at any speed other than super slow that sounds to me like the springs and i dont see anything else that could be making that noise so i guess i am just hoping its just the new stupid lift springs getting worn in? ANY THOUGHTS?? planning on getting a true alignment next week if they will do it with the tires i have on there. and i am going to change the oil in the rear end next week as well because of the new gears its supposed to be done at 500 miles and i will be between 500 and 600 so i will see how they look as well.