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93 Explorer Sport

This is my 93 explore sport 4.0 5 speed tinted windows all around 15% front. Winshield and back window 5% pretty much stock. Will Do more mods to it. You can all tell me what ya think

As i update my sploder I'll update you all with new pics from Before and after Pics.



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update on Exploder

Removed all of the seats and stuff in rear of Ex to loose most of the weight.

Back window


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Update on exploder

I took out all windows on EX and put numbers on it for this years COMPS at RC for RC Rocs At Rausch Creek Off road Park.

THIS was taken before i removed glass and roof rack

These where taken a week before comps just messing around lol




Update on Exploder

As of comps went Really well for my 1st event Out of 13 of us in class 1 stock We placed 8th I was real happy with that. The 1st course was real hard as hell I could not even go through the 1st gate so it made us mad. Plus we had to start 1st in are group so that sucked as well.

As for are 2nd course we did a little better but we got half way through and i got stuck up on top and had to get winched off the hill. So i timed out again.

As for the 3rd course it was hard but it was easy cause it was flat and no hills just straight and big rocks I do have a vid I show u all..


Update on Exploder

As of Comps I blew out a seal in my Front TTB axle shaft inner that goes to the pig. LOL what a job that was Still working on it LOL

Well i started tearing down the Beams and getting stuff off and getting pig outta there was a pitta but really not too bad.

Got the pig out looked at the seals Well being a 93 i never changed them i think its time lol.




Well after having pig out i went and cleaned her up in my parts washer what a nice job.





cleaned up




Then i got thinking I want to add my 4 inch coils and do my 4 inch lift while i already have no front end LOL.

So i did started to tear out the pass beam put my mounts and stuff on and getting her ready for a few more parts and She will be done new seals and 4 inch lift with new shocks and brake lines and Pittman arm.

full pics http://s1231.photobucket.com/user/feonix1123/library/Front Dana 35TTB Seals N 4inch lift

Well after installing my Diff Seals and 4 inch Lift kit took it to comp and it failed. The bracket i had was very close to diff put a hole in diff as well Coil spring popped out of upper bucket and ripped off brake line. FYI: Don't use the use the Rough Country Lift Kit on your 1st GEN. I did and it puts a hole in ur diff. So i found a super Lift bracket Picture and had my fab guy fab me up a new bracket. Only thing is with mine is i can't change it from 4-6inch lift just a 4 inch.

As well i took my 1st roll on the comp course as well. So i had to put in a roll cage.

Had my guy make these too. Damn coils wont pop out now


Its not complete in my works but these will be the add on for sliders when i do get cage complete.











Fixed Diff and Bracket





Old Bracket
pic to come once i find it.

Coil Bucket


New Rear Bumper Installed Now for some time just adding to my build

Its Dubbler Time Will be starting that real soon will post pics as i go

Yesterday i started tearing apart EX again to get out t case. I had to remove both drive shafts, cross member. A few other minor stuff too. Also the 5 bolts and it should be okay to pop off. There is 1 bolt on the pass side top that is moving but its giving me a rough time all 4 bolts are loose and can be moved by hand. Everything is in the way. LOL Cat verder is in my way thinking about removing it anyway and taking all that garbage out. I'm not taken out gas tank yet i wanna see how much clearance i have before i add dubbler. Most likely I'll remove it. today after work I'll try to pop out t case to grab pics.


well starting work on x today pulled out t case not that bad just the bolt.



Took out gas tank and got ready to install case and dubbler.

gas tank bye bye




its all set to go will install truck 2morrow after i remove that stupid bracket for gas tank. pics are up



Dubbler + T case



She is in hooked up to tranny and now need to fill cases up check for leaks and then put cross member back on. Then get drive shafts put on after fixed the right way. Then i need to figure out what im going to do a fuel cell.


Rear drive shaft is in and done still waiting for Front i need more tubing for the front.




Front drive shaft is in had it installed for a few days now. I also see that my inner seal is leaking once again so I'll fix that again. I have the cell and waiting for pump this week i should be able to pull it off with fittings and maybe some hoes to get some fuel in ex.

Front drive shaft I used a little thicker metal i hope it dont throw it off too much but again i will find out. may have to change it back to 1'8" then 1/4 "






Well i figured i would try to install my Cell Started working on a hole in my rear to fit The cell nice a flat and leveled. Then i got that all done and fixed up. Started hooking up lines and putting lines to Pump but 1st had to go ahead and mount pump to frame rail.

Got all that done then i went and started running lines to rear from other stock lines. Went got that all done i still need to put the straps down and and re wire the truck better than just twist LOL. I put fuel in and checked for leaks and fired her up. WAM started right up great awesome loved that sound.

Then i wanted to test out dubbler and other stuff WOW very impressed with dubbler went up my back yard a 45% hill grade in low low and no Gas just idle. Wow i was amazed at how she ran without me touching that clutch. Again i still need to look over things and make sure stuff is tight add a maintain a few things.
While driving it i did feel a little vibration not sure where is was coming from i think its in one of those Drive shafts. I still need to check my droop on my driver side to make sure DS is not going to hit my cross member. And need to find little things here and there but damn did it run great.

I'll keep you all posted pics are below.

The cell does sit more up front wont see thoes lines when in but wanted to show.











She Runs great inner sealk is all fixed front brake lines are all set she is just a waiting skid plates to cover the t cases.

Nice progress on the ex. Cool to see ya pushing the TTB for comps.

So Dennis have ya gotten anything else done on the ex? Are you still running 3.27's or did you regear it?

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So Dennis have ya gotten anything else done on the ex? Are you still running 3.27's or did you regear it?

no just finished up with dubbler and yes im still running stock gears. I have a dana 44 and ford 9 inch im going to swap under the ex by next year.