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93 explorer with trouble codes 136 and 172


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January 17, 2009
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94 sport
My 93 explorer starting running rough today out of the blue.I drove it 15 miles and then when i got back in to take off again it started to shake bad at startup and there was alot of moisture/steam coming out of the exhaust.It only did it for like 10 seconds and then the exhaust cleared out soon after.I had to start it up two more times while running around and it did the same thing.I came home and plugged my code reader in and got codes 136 and 172..oxygen sensor lean on both banks which tells me something else is causing the issue.I rebuilt the engine 2 years ago and it has 16k on it and I replaced most of the sensors at that time along with the fuel pressure regulator and coil pack so don't really have an idea what would cause it to run rough for a few seconds and then straighten out and run smooth as silk.I should also mention it was warm when this went on and there shouldn't have been any visible steam coming from the exhaust.I thought it was gas pouring out at first but there was no gas smell at all which would have been strong had it been.