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93 ford Explorer Transmission


March 13, 2011
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Bonaire, GA
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93 Ford Explorer
Got a 93 Explorer with a A4LD transmission. Initially lost reverse and all the other gears were not in line with the shift selector. Found a puddle of fluid under truck and saw that the intermediate servo was leaking, got the snap ring off but the servo won't come out. How do i get the servo out and could the leaking servo be the problem i'm having with all the gears not changing correctly? any and all help is appreciated.

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Welcome to this forum! Replace the leaking O ring in the servo cover. The servo should pop out if you grab it with a needle nose plier.

Its the cover that won't come off. I took the overdrive servo out and it popped off as soon as i took the snap ring off, but the cover won't come off the intermediate servo.

Did you compress the cover? There is a lot of spring tension pressing against it.

This cover doesn't seem to have much pressure against it, I can compress it, but I'm afraid it will stay compressed. How far in should I compress it, and what should I do if it gets stuck? I would have thought it would have popped off as soon as the snap ring was removed, but it didn't. I have no way to grab hold of it if its compressed. Thanks for responding.

Mine was the same, I just tapped it with a rubber mallet a couple times and the spring finally pushed it out. I think the jarring action helped free it. I don't know if you have enough room or not, I have a 2" BL.

Just to let you know I finally got the cover off, found the O ring had 2 cuts in it and the rubber on the servo was in bad shape. So I got the parts on order, hopefully this will fix my problem. Thanks for the advice.

I just went to a local tranny shop and they had the servos in stock, I just had to get the code off the servo covers to assure the right size. Mine was AB for the OD servo, the INT was BB. I think it was 20$ per servo and o-ring.

Hey thanks lifted, I ordered a servo and two O rings for about $8.00, figured I'd change the O ring on the OD servo since I had it off. Just out of curiosity are the springs the same for both servos, because mine are different in length and size.

No they're different lengths, at least mine were. I didn't mix them up though. Tranny shop said I could use stiffer springs for a firmer shift

I just grabbed the receipt and I was wrong on pricing.

servo piston ATC56902AE- $10.89
servo piston ATC56902AG- $12.35