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93 Interior Door Pull


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July 30, 2006
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Lakewood Wa.
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93 Explorer
I visited 3 junk yards this past weekend and viewed about 5 93's. None of them had the interior door panels! I figured that I must not be the only owner of a 93 who's door pull had broken. I tried e-bay and found the replacement door pull for sale for about $18.95. They were available in both gray and tan for both the LH and RH doors but the seller wanted $9.00 for postage. So I tried a google search and came across MonsterAutoParts.Com. They sell the same thing for $19.95 and $6.95 for postage. I placed my order on Monday and received it on Thursday. That is great service when you consider Monster is in Michigan and I am in Washington State!
The part is EXACTLY like the Ford door pull. I am very pleased with the quality as well as the serviced I have received.
From what I was able to learn in the junk yard Ford must have recognized their design flaw because the 94's use a similar but vastly improved door pull. Oh, by the way, before you repair your door pull you may want to check the condition of the door hinges. If they are sagging then you will have to pull harder on the door pull and break it again. I fixed my hinges and now the doors close using just two fingers instead of a heavy slam.
If you are interested in repairing your hinges then read the articles in this forum for a good method of accomplishing this repair. For myself, I used a cut off wheel to cut the hinge pin but I think a reciprecating saw would have worked just as well, if not better. To repair the hinged I strongly suggest using a repair kit made by either Dorman Products or their Motormite division. Their part number is 38438 and the kit contains 1 pin, 2 bronze bushings (the part that actually wears out) and a C-clip to prevent the pin from moving. The kit will repair 1 hinge and you have two hinges per door. (the top hinge wears much faster than the bottom hinge and the driver hinges wear faster than the passenger hinges for obvious reasons). The retail price of the kit is $10.52 but you should not have to pay more than $7.01. Dorman and Motormite are sold in many but not all auto parts stores. Does it sound like I am a Dorman distributor? Well, I am but I DO NOT profit from you purchasing their products unless you were to buy them from me and I am NOT offering to sell to you because I only sell to the US Department of Defense. Good Luck!!
Greg Ellis Lakewood, WA