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93 Limited Need Window HELP


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June 14, 2009
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93 Limited
Newbie here, I just picked up a 93 Limited with about 100k...
To start, I want to say that this Forum is great! Write ups are clear and very detailed. I used a write up to fix the driver and pax window motor bushings. I actually used a fluid elastomer we sell at work to make to cast new bushings. The motors work now! I installed the pax side motor and got the gears to line up and the window works great. The problem is I can't seem to line up the gears on the driver side motor and reg. I loosened the motor and tried to see where the motor grabs the regulator, but they don’t seem to grab... As the motor turns, the window sometimes moves a little. I greased up the sliding parts of the regulator... still nothing... Any suggestions?