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93 Ranger trans problems


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July 1, 2008
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Beloit WI
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93 Ranger XLT
Hi guys, I just joined and have been perusing for problems that match the syptoms my trans is displaying and have got some ideas but am not much on trans. repair. It's a ranger 4 cyl automatic I just picked up and here is what it does. When cold if I just accelerate slowly it shifts through all gears, when it warms up I have to let off the gas to shift from 2nd to 3rd, going down the road it shifts into OD so it seems all gears work, I plan on changing the fluid and the VM this weekend, Question is am I on the right track? Odometer sayss 77XXX miles could be 177XXX not sure.

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Welcome to this forum! Check the bands to see if they are adjusted properly.

Well I adjusted the bands this weekend and took it for a test drive, When cold it seemed to shift fine as it heated up the same issue returned, going from 2nd to 3rd a slip until I let of the gas then it shifted. It also seems the shift point is about 5mph higher after the adjustment, it now wants to shift to 3rd at 35mph, any ideas where to go next?

Did you check the modulator's vacuum line for leaking fluid or adjust the kickdown cable? Is your modulator adjustable? The next step after this would be to rebuild the valve body.

No, I kind of ran out of time, I will check the modulator hose tonight for traces of fluid, did not adjust the kick down linkage, I don't think the modulator is adjustable,however I will chcek tonight and start working my way through what you have mentioned. thanks