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93 Ranger with an ABS problem.


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November 16, 2009
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Manheim, Pa
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96 Aerostar / 92 Ranger
My son's ranger had bad rear shoes and leaking wheel cyls. So after changing them as I've done many times on many vehicles... I could not get fluid to pass at the bleeders. Now the brake and abs light come on,and the brakes are lousy.Does anyone know what is the next logical step besides just replacing parts.

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what do you mean "couldn't get fluid to pass" Like there is none there? That would make the brakes suck for sure...

Get a vaccum bleeder or a pressure bleeder and try that. Or just pump and bleed until fluid flows...

if you replaced the wheel cylinders, you have a LOT of air to move out of the way to get fluid out. Start at the furthest wheel from the master cylinder, pump and bleed until you get NO air, then move to the next one. when you get no air at all 4 corners, should be good. Just don't ever let the master get low while your bleeding and don't leave the lid off while your bleeding. The ABS is not going to be the problem... I would just disconnect it on an old RBV anyway... it sucks.

Good Luck.

Bleeding brakes

I did use a vacuum pump and when that got nowhere I used the old foot pumping method and still no fluid comes out. It's as if the ABS valve is blocking the fluid flow to the rear. Laddie

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread into the Ranger section. It sounds like there is air in the solenoid block.

I'm new to all this stuff. Thank You! Laddie

It's as if the ABS valve is blocking the fluid flow to the rear.
I've heard of a bleeder screw on the ABS valve, although I've never even checked. It wouldn't hurt to take a look... It's tucked in the drivers side framerail under you feet.