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'93 stereo upgrades


the original tramp
February 6, 2000
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Fort Myers, FL
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'99 Explorer EB
I am about to do some changes to my sound system... I have the JBL system with 4 speakers and sub. My thoughts are to replace the stock am/fm cd with a kenwood tape+6 disc changer (already own them in my Saab), use the existing amp to power a new 10" sub in place of the existing 6", and run a new 4 channel Alpine amp for the door speakers. 1st) Will the stock amp drive the sub? 2) Is the wiring standard for the stock amp or is it factory screwy? 3) Am I better off doing the stereo only and buying a 5 channel amp at a later date and replace all the speakers and amps at once?

Lastly - do I need a week off to do this? Dead Link Removed I have a fair amount of experience wiring stereos, but never looked at this guy...

Jon McLeod
'93 XLT

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Do it all at once! A factory amp should never be used to feed aftermarket audio components, whether it's a sub or coaxials, or components. Save your money and buy the five channel amp.

I'm presently in the works of installing a high-end system in my wife's '93 Explorer. Make sure you use aftermarket wiring and have fun!

Jayson Woodard
San Diego, CA

Thanks for the tip. That's what I'd thought. My plans are to not go too extreme, but I figure replacing the door speakers with either Polk Audio or Cerwin-Vega's and the sub with a 10" MTX (Cirucuit City sells and adapter to fit in the factory cut-outs) with the 5 channel Alpine amp. If anyone has any interest in the factory system (Top-end JBL system with in-dash CD) let me know.


<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial ">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by JonM:
... sub with a 10" MTX (Cirucuit City sells and adapter to fit in the factory cut-outs) ...

Circuit City has an adapter for the stock 6.5" sub enclousure? Do you know who makes it and what it's exact name or part # is? The salespeople in those electronics superstores can be really unhelpful sometimes.
What do i need to look for in a sub to work in stock enclosure?

I am not sure of the part number, but they have a cross-reference guide to help things out. It lists a 10" MTX sub will fit in the space and the bracket with grill costs about 130. If you go to JTang's site referenced above you can see what the install looks like.

Jon M

Jon McLeod
'93 XLT

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I believe the adapter plates that you guys are talking about are made by Metra, the same company that makes harnesses as well. The adapter runs 15 dollars, they're just plastic. If you're up to it, you could just make them yourself, all the same. We have them at a place called "Fry's Electronics" but I'm sure somewhere like Pep Boys could order them for you as well. Those are to put 6.5s in the doors instead of 5x7s.

I think the 130 is for a brand new (empty_ box for the rear sub though. I don't think anyone makes an adapter for the rear stock sub box, at least not for a 10 in there, because then you'd have to modify the box yourself, or if it's an adapter, the sub will sitck out beyond it's original compartment.


I have a 1992 4dr explorer and want to upgrade the stereo. Will the stuff you are selling fit? I'm assumming you are selling the factory am/fm cd dash unit and speakers? how much do you want for it