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93 V8 engine swap


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August 27, 2007
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Idaho Falls, ID
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93' XLT
hey is it possible to swap out a stock 4.0 V6 in a 93' explorer for a 302 V8?

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Welcome To The Forum! and yes it is, try a search for it in the Google Custom Search on this site.

I put a 98 Explorer 5.0L drivetrain in my 88 BII
My 88 BII was a 93 4.0L and A4LD automatic before this conversion
My conversion is pretty much extactly what you are asking about doing

I have a thread in my signature that follows the process along

Also use the search button, this question is asked every week


I'd like to take a sec. and ask, If your putting a 302 in out of a 2nd gen. explorer are you actually gaining much more than sohc besides torque? I know the 302 explorer motor isnt much more power than what the sohc is.

93 only had the OHV 4.0L not the SOHC

Not only do you gain HP and torque with the V8 (not much over the SOHC is true) but the bigger bonus is the stout 4r70w auto transmission compared to the weakish v6 tranny's

I know the sohc wasn't available but was j/c as to what you would gain as to just upgrading your current 4.0 with the sohc 4.0 since the motor mounts and stuff i thought were the same. but ok I got an answer I don't wanna interrupt with my own questions.

If your truck is equipped with a SOHC from the factory the 5.0L conversion is basically a bolt in affair, but it does require the entire V8 drivetrain, not just the engine.
The 5.0L and the SOHC 4.0L make similar power to the wheels in stock form, but the 5.0L can be upgraded WAY beyond the SOHC potential.....the 5.0L aftermarket is huge

has anyone managed to swap out a 4.0 V6 for a 351W? just curious as to if it was possible, and still have ample room to work on it and what not

Yes it's been done. As said before, try out the search button. You'll actaully find answers to your questions.

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