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93 X: my registry

well im new here, but not. been a member for a little while, just a big time lurker. haha. figured its time to show off my exploder and introduce my self.

ok so lil background info. my name is ryeder, and im 16. we have had our explorer since new. originally i got a 95 vw golf as my first car, but a friend got me to go with him to hollister in his b2 and my explorer. that first day of 4x4 changed my life. basically i only drive the X, and the golf sometimes. im into 4x4, and alot of outdoor stuff, like camping and fishing. so far i have gone to the local 4x4 place about 10 or 11 times, and ive only been driving the explorer for 3 months. you could say im hooked. haha.

ok so info on my Xplorer. its an all stock 93 limited. first mod was pulling those running boards and slappin some off road lights on. i drove it like that for id say 2-3 weeks... then off came the front bumper, and made a ranger smitty built tube bumper fit it. then upgraded the radio, pulled the muffler and put in a smaller one from Pick-n-Pull, and just this week put a cb and a 102' whip on it. let me know what you think.

ive wheeled the crap out of it, and it just wants more!
and im not either of those kids. haha









future plans:
-5.5 ttb ranger lift,
-rectangle tube bumper for front
-soa+ spacers or none to equal 5.5"
-safari rack

a lil somethin i drew in psychology, instead of paying attention:rolleyes:

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Well now you have the 4x4 flu and there is no cure!! Good looking X and good future plans but beware it will take all your money. But I wouldn't have it any other way :p:

i can tell. already need to put about $800 into it. need new tires, oil change, ps change, and some odds and ends. been waiting todo the tires till i lift it so i can go up, and out. but gotta fix and sell the vw first.

..And another first gen project begins..:biggthump

nice x

Oh and you will never be done with the X, you might think you will but plans will change but you need something to do in your free time:D

haha crap.
well definitely got my first BIG mod today. got a set of 4 31x10.5x16s with 100% tread, just been sitting on a set of procomp(i think) rims that are 8.5x16 5-5.5. got em mounted on the stock limited rims, and paid a total of $72. for? mounting balancing. and not a bit of rub. looks gooood. then went for a little test and took a flex shot.



Nice ex you got. Im sixteen too haha good luck with your ex bro!

Nice ex you got. Im sixteen too haha good luck with your ex bro!


so went 4x4 with the new 31s, no rear sway and front quick disconnects. did SO well. was doing a few black diamonds with ease. felt great to show people up with a ford explorer.:D haha.
worst part of the day was thinking i broke a shaft(but i didnt), and backing into my friends cherokee, but that was in the drive thru line at taco bell. :rolleyes:

ill get the pics posted shortly. gotta get my friend to upload them.

finally! sorry for taking so long.








walking a yeep over some logs i did without a problem.



well its depressing. the X has been sitting for a week now. and will be for another 2-3. :/. the torque converter seal blew and every time i drive it i leave a HUGE puddle of atf. mechanic said it would cost around $700 to replace it. well i did the reseach, i can do a m50d swap for $500. and ive been wanting this to be stick for a while. so saving some money, and my mom said she will match what i can get to help pay for it.

You definitely have a nice Explorer for being 16, take care of it, and it will take care of you. And it sounds like the front transmission seal blew which is all too common on the A4LD. Good plans for the manual trans swap though, I also want to do the same thing one of these days.

thanks. yeah i was lucky that we got it new, and my mom barely drove it. its sat in the garage for awhile till she got her bmw. then it just sat.:( but im glad im actually using it, and taking care of it. its great to know that every morning itll start and i wont have any problems. well except this seal :rolleyes:, but hey its 18 years old right? :thumbsup:

That seal has been an issue since new....but all is fixable.

Nice 1st gen!! Subscribing! :thumbsup: :D


well here the most recent plans in order:
-manual tranny swap
-4in square tube bumpers(front and rear w/tow hooks on front, receiver/hitch on back)
-4in rough country lift w/ new leaf packs
-keep these tires
-either 2" wheel spacers, or new rims with 3.75 backspacing(depends on how much money i have left)
-safari rack(2 4x4 lights on the front, 2 red lights on the back, and a work/reverse light)

thats all for now. haha

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just noticed u from LG ... im orig from Campbell up in Oakland now, we should get together and head out the HH or Clear Lake