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93 X: my registry

well im new here, but not. been a member for a little while, just a big time lurker. haha. figured its time to show off my exploder and introduce my self.

ok so lil background info. my name is ryeder, and im 16. we have had our explorer since new. originally i got a 95 vw golf as my first car, but a friend got me to go with him to hollister in his b2 and my explorer. that first day of 4x4 changed my life. basically i only drive the X, and the golf sometimes. im into 4x4, and alot of outdoor stuff, like camping and fishing. so far i have gone to the local 4x4 place about 10 or 11 times, and ive only been driving the explorer for 3 months. you could say im hooked. haha.

ok so info on my Xplorer. its an all stock 93 limited. first mod was pulling those running boards and slappin some off road lights on. i drove it like that for id say 2-3 weeks... then off came the front bumper, and made a ranger smitty built tube bumper fit it. then upgraded the radio, pulled the muffler and put in a smaller one from Pick-n-Pull, and just this week put a cb and a 102' whip on it. let me know what you think.

ive wheeled the crap out of it, and it just wants more!
and im not either of those kids. haha









future plans:
-5.5 ttb ranger lift,
-rectangle tube bumper for front
-soa+ spacers or none to equal 5.5"
-safari rack

a lil somethin i drew in psychology, instead of paying attention:rolleyes:

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just noticed u from LG ... im orig from Campbell up in Oakland now, we should get together and head out the HH or Clear Lake

oh nice. haha yeah id be down once i get it all fixed up. havent been to clear lake yet. :thumbsup:

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if u do clear lake, make sure to bring extra gas, and extra water, its about 25+ miles further then HH... and theres nothing out that way so youll have a bit of ways to walk lol

oh ****. haha ok. knowing my luck id prolly run out of gas.

Nice limited. Everyone else is spot on; this thing will be a money pit. And we aren't just talking about at the gas station. Good luck!

i can tell. ive already got my money planned out as too where its gunna go. and i dont even have it yet.

talking to my mom, and since im failing 3 classes and only 3 weeks left, im not allowed to touch it untill i pass. so hopefully thatll give me some time to collect parts for the swap.

well its been 4 weeks since my last post. explorer has had some changes. now ive got about 6 offroad lights, a police issue bull bar is being mounted, and im working on the tranny swap. slowly getting parts. hopefully itll be done soon so i can move on to lifting it! ill get some pics once i mount the bull bar.

another month, and im 90%through my tranny swap! almost there. should be done tonight or tomorrow.

so heres the low down. trtanny swap was done and did put about 500 miles on it offroad, but i blew second gear the other day :(
good news:
bought a complete 4in lift kit for $250. that includes 4 brandnew procomp shocks, procomp drop pitman arm, procomp brakets, and procomp leafs.
also getting 5 33s for free, and a full set of 15in rims with 4.50 back spacing.

expect some new pics in about 2-3weeks. hopefully all goes well, and i dont have any problems.

that sux to hear about the trans.. Sounds like everything else is coming along nicely

Nice.... I always liked the Limited.... but I am a stick shift kinda guy.... hence why my 92 is a stick.

When you get a chance snap an inside pic of the limited w/ the stick pokin through the floor. I've been wanting to see a Limited w/ a stick.

well guys... shes done! i love her! im gunna go do some testing tomorrow, so ill snap a bunch of pics.

so.. im back. lots to catch up on.
so i went wheeling, and blew my hubs(yes both) and smashed a tail light out.. that wasnt the worst part. the worst part is i had to get towed and winched out by two cherokees. :( took one pulling another one who was winching me out.

anyway so it wasnt a big deal, drove it as is for a few weeks then one day heading home from 4wp, blew the entire tranny. limped it home at right around 5 miles an hr for 15 mins. needless to say, it was a long afternoon.

so after desperately trying to find another manual transmission(btw this wasnt an m50d. but the fm146) and came accross a fully rebuilt 2wd m50d. thinking i could just swap the tailshaft housings. well guess what? you cant. lesson learned and 4 weeks later i sold it to a buddy for $600. never expecting to see him again. he had plans to put the body on his bronco 2 with a f150 frame, 4.0, m50d, double xfers, 4.56s and full size axles rocking 40s. needless to say that was one son of a *****.

2 weeks ago, me and my mom were discussing how we missed it, and within an hr i get a text from that friend that said "explorer needs to go! help make it go away!" i jumped at the chance, got rid of my totaled 89 honda accord and had richard dropped off sat.. 20 mins before i had to leave to prom!

hes a little sad looking, but soon he will be seeing the trails again. so far plans are to get him back on 33s, and get another tranny/xfer case, hubs, and front driveshaft.

i now have a dd/tow rig and trailer so his duties as a dd have been released. he will be solely for offroad.

ill get some newer pics up asap. and stay tuned. dickys back, and with a vengence!

well so i sold him... then bought him back for $440 less then i sold him for, then bought new 33s, and another transmission/clutch/xfer case set up(reason why i sold it.. tranny blew, but turned out to be the clutch which i got warrantied so now hes fixed :) )

sold my shwap f150, bought a 89 f250 7.3L idi for 300 less then the f150 sold for, bought a d30, some control arms, 5.5inch rubicon express coils, grizzly locker, and track bar so sas is on the way!!!
also will be going sprung over.

hes currently awaiting a new long block.. blew a freeze plug, and found a damn good deal on a low mileage bottom 4.0 can you say $2?

led tail lights

flipped on its side


and towing home from hollister less then 24hrs after buying the f250.
yes Explorer has a flat passenger tire, had to buy new rims.. pics of those and the new fixes soon!

...You get my vote for pic of the week...:biggthump

..But I gotta tell ya..:scratch:..There are easier ways to check the clear coat on your roof and the rear wiper movement..:p:


hey guys thought id do a little up date. first, the new tow pig. F350 4 7.3 powerstroke 4 door xl with the crappy E4OD. but its only got 117k

the ex has changed a little bit, got it stuck in a mud pit, and blew reverse. when i brought it into the garage i found my entire d35 was loose on the procomp brackets.
last day i drove it

got in a fight with my ex, decided i needed change.

then i said #### it. its winter, im not gunna be driving it much, time to complete my sas. keep in mind guys, im 18 and do not have a complete shop at my disposal. little red necking, but hey its a wheeler. the links, panhard actually changed and its a straight bar.

control arm brackets, all 1/4 inch plate





front axle:
Dana 30 with chromos, detroit locker, 4.56s, hi steer
3 link 6inch rubicon express coils, poly performans universal track bar

rear axle: (not installed yet, need to cut perches)
dana 44 with chromos, 4.56s, yukon spool, disc brake conversion
spring over swapped

still got some stuff to finish so more pics are a coming.

ive been dormant on here, but not on the explorer.
have had lots todo, still do but getting stuff done slowly.

well my original track bar setup got ripped off, so i rebuilt it... then it got ripped off again.

first thing was to fix the broken track bar mount. cut off all that was left of the old bracket and started over. made this

then made this. its 3/16 2.5x3 tube with 1/4 inch plate welded to the front, and 1/4 inch brackets welded around the axle, and from spring perch to the track bar mount.


then i needed to fix my locker. see anything wrong here? lol

made a front bumper to later mount my 12k winch on, and a rear bumper too.


decided id redesign my shackles. the oriley lift shackles bent so made these up with some 1.5 inch tube, 3/16 wall.

then my buddy hooked it up with some new 5125s so got those rigged up, now i can flex a bit more. old shocks were 4 inch lift shocks but i never realized how much they limited me even though they were mounted 3 inches higher then the ttb d35 oh also put on my steel braided brake lines.


got it set up so my coil floats a little over an inch at full droop. kinda like the cherokee guys do it.

finished my winch bumper:






flexed it out the explorer on the forklift at work:




and then got these:



36in tsl super swampers. all brand new including the rims. sold my old 33s with rims for $320, and bought these for $500. once i got them it made me think, my dana 30 probably wont hold up to all that stress for long.. so i picked up a full width dana 44. gunna link it with the ballistic fab radius arm and coil mount brackets. basically keep the same setup now, just make radius arms instead of the stubby third upper im running now.

well went to hollister this past weekend, and did squeeze rock. broke the driverside window out on my girlfriend, but she was a trooper and cleaned the glass out on her own. we ran the jungle forwards with no issues(or maybe that is when mine started) running it in reverse i ended up blowing my front rive line out of the yoke, i think because my yoke hits the upper stubby link i have. not for sure though. gunna look at both y link and switching upper link to the passenger passenger side. also could be because my driveshaft hits the xmember a little, gunna take car of that in the next day or two. other then that i had todo some more trimming to the inner fender wells, which i already took care of and i need todo xfer shift linkage bad. tired of crawling on the ground to put it in 4 lo. oh! also gotta clearance my gas tank skid.

random pics








oh and yeah that door still opens and shuts like new.

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heres the xmember that i had made


all flexed out..