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93 x SAS

I've been done with my SAS for a little over a year and could'nt be more happy with the results. Here is a condenced list of mods.
HP d44
OX locker
5.38 gears
early bronco coils from Wild Horses
12" stroke Fox Shocks
DOM tie rod and drag link
3 link with johnny joints
home made bead locks
d60 rear
Detroit locker
5.38 gears
mix of x and bronco leafs
11" stroke Fox Shocks

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jim ex 2_edited-1.jpg
moody08 054 resized_edited-1.jpg

These Are my pix of the X

Let me know what you guys think.

I like the look of it running the full width axels. Did you use the stock explorer steering box?

Yes I did but it is pretty tired. the steering in kinda hard with the 37x14.00 tires. I would like to step up to PSC steering with hydro assist.

anyone on here from Colorado? I'm in northern CO

that thing looks awsome with the full widths

Love the color green! If I had one, that's the color to have!! JK looks great! what do your radius arms look like?

DAMN I thought mine was WIDE looks good!

Looks great! It's WIDE. what's the width?(is that called track width?)

Yea I know its wide, but the wheels were free. They are 10" wide, then I made the beadlocks. That added another inch or more per side. I never measured it but I will when I get a chance. I just got a dana 60 front and going to go to 40" pitbull rockers. I gotta go 3" higher to fit them. I have a three link not radius arms. I used johnny joints at the frame end, 2" square tube for the link and rubber spring bushings for the axle end. I think it works very good, but its very squirrely on the highway. Go to www.northerncolorado4x4.com and check out some action shots. I tryed the f150 spring swap and it works great, but i modified it with adding 2 more leafs from an early bronco. now I got 6 leafs. They are thin but have alot more arch. I netted 2 1/2" of lift. It's not too stiff and flexes good. I would be happy to answer any more questions that you may have.

hi Setinu, there are actually quite a few of us Coloradoans lurking here and there in the shadows :) Great snow we got to play in today, huh?

I didn't get to go play in the snow, but I wish I could have.My club is going to left hand here in a couple of weeks. It would be nice if there were more X's there!

Have you had problems with axle shafts running those tires? I just got 38's for mine, scared of whats to come lol.

Ya I got problems. I broke the drivers side shaft when it was still open.Then I broke the passenger side shaft, u joint and the hub all in one shot. I got a d60 waiting in the garage waiting for more money!

does it drive ok down the highway?

it drives like crap on the highway. no swaybars, super soft springs, beadlocked wheels, and bias ply 37x14.00 tires make for an interesting ride. I trailer it everywhere.

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what size lift springs did you use in the front? and how much lift did that generate from stock?? also what shocks did you use? my d44 hp sas has ranchos that are for a 4 inch 78 bronco lift and i have no clue what the springs are and the springs need to be replaced id like to keep it the same hight if not a little taller would be fine to. also how much rear lift do you have resulting from the leaf set up you have? i also have no idea what mine are and they are still good but im just guessing ill need them some time.

sorry for all the questions i guess i should have built it instead of bought it.