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93 xlt axle shafts in 96 xlt rear end?


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October 2, 2005
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godfrey, Illinois
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1997 sport ohv 5spd
i tried to put a 96 xlt rear end in my 93 xlt. my original rear end has drum brakes, and the 96 has disc, thus the reason i want to swap. the problem is the rear end on the 96 is bent...the axle does not look bent to the naked eye, but the axle shafts are obviously bent because the wheel wobbles when turned. will my 93 axle shafts work in the 96 rear end? also, do you think there is a good chance that the axle itself is still straight? the only difference i can see in the two is the lug bolts are different lengths, which can also be switched out.