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93XLT105tr's X getting two new axles,a v8, AOD, and a NP205

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Any updates? It might be the pictures, but those front shackles look incredibly too long. It looks like you will lose all of the axle's built in caster for correct steering angles. I would suggest using shorter shackles and moving the upper shackle mount down, similar to oknut's explorer. Do a search for Oknut and see if you can find a pic to see what I'm talking about. Of course, it could just be an optical illusion from the pictures. What kind of factory lockers were internationals equipped with? I would guess that it is probably a limited slip, but I don't know much about Internationals, so I could be wrong.

Here are a couple:


Yeah I'm with Mudd on this one. Your shackles look WAY too tall to work correctly with the axle. Better pics would be nice if you can. It looks good though. Looks like you did you a good job with it.

dude where are you in spartenburg... im over here in greenville i'd love to see that thing

For the safety of everyone else on the road and even off of it, PLEASE NEVER DRIVE IT WITH THOSE SHACKLES.

They are ENTIRELY too long to be considered safe. So either shorten them and get new leafs, or drop your hangers some more.

I would also beg you to run Warn alloy axleshafts front and rear with CTM joints up front. Those D44s will NOT handle 38s well.

Yup... and if ya dont feel the need to shorten those front shackles... dont come to IL cause they sure as hell need to be shortened... What leaf springs you using up front?

alright guys, i'll shorten them. This is not my daily driver, so it won't be on the road much.
coryl-i'll run those axles as is till they break. i have NO money at all to beef them up. a buddy of mine ran a 10 bolt with 38x15s for over a year with no problems until some bearings blew a softball size hole in his pumpkin... so i'll see. If they break, they break. Also would you please explain the need to shorten these shackles? (im 16 and learning) Would it be alright to swap the rear mount to the front and then drop it about 4 inches, then put the shackles in the rear?
BoatsRcool-i'll be at anderson, if you're gonna go this year.
mudd*****-i have not been able to find out on the internet yet what locker came with it, but on the inside of the door panel of the international truck it had a caution that both tires spin even if one is in the air...
RFR2212-I have international 3/4 ton truck front 4" lift springs.


You can see it in the pic you have. Look at the leverage being put on that shackle by the leaf spring.

The longer it is, the more of a chance it has to bend or break. Not only that, but the leverage it puts on the frame will likely bend your frame at the attachment point.

As for the axles. Your buddy was lucky or didn't wheel very hard. I would agree to blow up the stockers first, but if you plan on wheeling hard, pack a lot of spares or invest in Warns and CTMs.

Ya he didn't wheel it very hard. I guarantee those shackles won't bend or brake, but you really think it will bend the frame? what about some type of reinforcement on the frame? I really don't want to mess with those shackles.
I doubt I will wheel this hard for a while, at least not until I can afford the parts I could break.

The site is updated:
Dead Link Removed

Your "Old Pics" link isn't working anymore...

But those shackles DO NOT look safe. One support bar inbetween them? Seriously...post pics of your shackle setup on http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/ in the General 4x4 Section and ask what they think. They are a lot better at shackle design than I am.

will you be in anderson all 3 days? i will be there saturday for sure. hey what school do you go to?

BoatsRcool-yup, i'll probably enter cause it's 48 bucks i think to enter, and it costs more than that for a pass each day. But yeah i'll be there all three days. kinda embarassing, but i go to broome high...
Coryl-ya, geocities said i exceeded my data transfer rate yesterday, you can only have so many hits per day with so many pictures. i hate it, but i have to live with it.

aight cool... man i watched Greenville high woop ya'lls @$$ last friday, we played dorman i didnt want to go out there. I didnt realize broome was in spartanburg. I go to mauldin high.

Might I ask why did you swap in a D44 in the rear when you had a 8.8, which is stronger than a D44?

i said fawk it for now. i'm just working on getting it running, got farmers day this thursday, and it's got to be at least driveable for that. However, I will make some hangers and some new shackles as soon as possible.

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Sorry about this post DUDE but I gotta say those shackles are the biggest cluster f**k I've ever seen I wouldnt feel safe driving that thing in the yard with those.....why not use a dana 44 set up from a old style bronco that will pretty much bolt right in.....instead of using old binder parts.....I know to each his own but you are looking at hurting yourself......someone else.....or just ruining the frame of your rig......do it right the first time and you wont have to deal with it again