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93XLT105tr's X getting two new axles,a v8, AOD, and a NP205

i dunno if she's gonna make it this weekend...
the distributor's bad, and the drag link is rubbing on the tire... only way it'll make it is if it is trailered.

EDIT: alright, well the distributor started working right tonight for some unknown reason, so we'll hurry up on the brakes, and it should be able to make the trip untrailered. I will be there no matter what, and after tonight it does look like the green machine will be there.

a 3/4 ton dana 44? what spline/ size shafts does it have? tube size? i would have stuck with the 8.8. and those shackles :eek:

Just searching through the board and came across this. Any updates? I;d like to see if you got it running and driving yet, and if the shackles have posed any problem for ya yet.

yep, all is well. got some new wheels, new distributor, new fuel pressure regulator, plugs and wires, and it runs great.
The engine is very strong and solid.
The steering is horrible as predicted. I can only go about 45 mph with dual steering stabilizers on it. But this was not meant at all to be driven much above that. I have been very lazy and i haven't gone to get the hoses done for the power steering. I would think that would help some, but i don't know.
i have yet to go offroad yet :( , so i have no clue about its performance there. worried about those shackles and lack of power steering, and (the main reason)...i have a open element air filter on right now, because i have not been able to fit anything else. Even with a spacer i cannot clear the distributor. I took it through a little trail and i got water all in the engine. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. anyone with any ideas? I figure the only option i have is to design some sort of shield to go around the filter.
The shackles have not been a problem so far... i still have not gotten around to making some reasonably sized shackles with hangers.
I really need to take some pictures and update the page.
I will soon.