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94 4dr 42's d-60's 302 c-6

Havent been on the boards in a while and Im starting a new project. Got the explorer for free and axles were under my other explorer.


89 town car roller cam 5.0
Gt-40 heads
Comp cam(undeciede yet)
Summit stage 1 intake
Fairbanks built c-6
T-case undecided(mabye 203-205 doubler or 1356 doubler)
D-60's are welded with 5.38's, disc brakes f&r
4-link front
Stock leafs soa rear with warriors
Traction bar
Full hydro steering with danfoss orbital and tractor supply ram
42' tsl's on 15' diy beadlocks
and a few things im missing

no body lift and lots of fender trimming!!!

trying to keep this a low and stable as possible

ordering a bunch of parts this weekend

heres a teaser pic, rear 60 in installed and front ttb junk is out


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:D:thumbsup: watchin' :D:thumbsup:

Excited to see it completed!


so have you had any progress on your build? its been a while

some progress....

4.0 out and 5.0 in

pieced together propane kit
ended up doing gt-40 heads with trick flow spring kit
trick flow stage 1 cam
summit stage 1 carb intake
heddman v8 swap shorties
advanced adapters v8 swap motor mounts(fit like crap)
hei style distributor
msd wires
street fire ignition box with rev limiter



propane setup


front links- johnny joints with 2" 1/4 wall links


snagged a fresh built c-6 and np205


Rear d60 30 spline chromo yukon shafts, front 35spline chromo outers, drive flanges and spicer joints


1356 crawl box from behemoth drivetrain


getting there, c-6 in, crawl box in, mocking up links, still alot of work left


O wow , That Will Be a Beast When Done , Staying Tuned in for this one ! , Sweet Rig and Plans ! .