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'94 4x4 4.0L engine seized (SOLVED, IT'S A RUNNER NOW)

I’d certainly replace the oil pump. They are cheap, and without it you could be wasting tons of labor and your $$$ on parts and machining.

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Mbrooks, got a new oil pump ready to install, and 410 it's an auto, 148,000 miles. Once engine is in, will change tranny fluid and filter, also plan on installing an inline spin-on filter before the fluid goes into tranny cooler. I am going to change the front and rear differential fluid while I'm at it.
Other future plans include: new y-pipe, new catalytic converter (high-flow), turbo muffler of some sort, and 91-92 tail-pipe (heard they were larger diameter), 31x10.5x15 on 15x8's (AT's or MT's, not sure yet). Want to make new front and rear bumper, and add a tire rack to the rear of some sort. Looking at doing a 2" front spacer with full length add-a-leaf in the rear. The bushings are shot on the leaf springs, so new poly ones for those (noticed axle was sitting @ an inch closer to the passenger rear fender and rear shackles were at a slight angle). Interior will get new black vinyl flooring, seat covers, and I'll DIY re-upholster the head liner. Only the driver's window works so I'll be tearing into the other three.
Still got the fuel pump, filter and FPR to go in, and what ever sensors are needed on the engine.
Hopefully, I can keep it under $2500. It seems like the small stuff will nickel and dime ya to no end.


Use a can of Kooler Klean on the trans cooling system before you hook it back up
Can save your trans



Beware of some high flow cats. Some aren’t efficient enough to be worth it.

Also, the 4.0 breathes pretty well, and makes its power down low. I’d put the tailpipe at the very end of the list. I doubt it and the cat will really have any effect, unless your current cat is clogged or gutted.

I am putting this engine back together, slowly but surely. Got the block back: acid dipped, new cam bearings, freeze plugs, and a re-surface. Charge was $280 out the door.
Installing the new heads, should I use copper gasket spray? Some like it, others don't.
The crankshaft bolt from ARP that I bought is too short by about 25mm (got the info from a thread on here), so save your $30 and get one from Ford.
Lacking putting heads/intake manifold on, camshaft positioner, exhaust manifolds and then can put in back into the engine bay.
Question, I did not mark where the flex plate and torque converter lined up. Is there a way to find where it went back in the same place? Thanks.


Well, hello All! It's been awhile, but life happens...
Engine has been put together and sitting on a stand for a while now. Finally got around to dropping the engine in once I found a hoist. First install did not go so well, torque converter was not lined up correctly and ended up messing up the internal splines in it. Found this out when I tried to turn the engine over by hand and it would not budge, #!%&*!. So pulled it out and found the input shaft stuck into the torque converter. Input shaft had no damage so bought a new TC, and a new flex plate just in case I warped it, too. Went ahead and bought a new crank to flexplate spacer, the original had some pieces missing/broken. Hopefully I did not damage the trans, but I read on here a few have done the same as me and the trans/pump was fine afterwards. So fingers crossed!

I will tell you this, when everything is lined up like it is supposed to be (TC pushed all the way in), that engine slid right into the trans like it did it itself. So, if you are fighting it going in, stop, because something is not right. It has been a learning experience, and a $300 mistake. I also damaged the camshaft position sensor when I pulled it (the electrical connector)...so that was part of it.

One other thing that really helped were the guide pins I made from bolts that I used in the lower mounting bosses of the oil pan. Read that on here, don't remember the name, but kudos to him!

Did install the long a-add-leafs and new poly bushings at the rear, typical install, worst part was getting the old ones out. Got some 1 1/2" washers to install for the DIY lift up front to correct for sagging coil springs. Fuel tank is in with new Carter pump assembly. Reupholstered the headliner by myself, and now I know why they charge so much to do it...that was a chore!

And once I get rest of the controls on the engine installed, just might have it running before too long. That's where I stand so far...


Been so long since I took this engine apart, I am forgetting what goes on back first in "reverse order" (as per the manual says). Been alot of learning, and to note, the upper intake manifold should be the last item to attach. It was a b.i.t.c.h. to snake those electrical lines, and especially hook up #'s 4, 5, and 6 injector connectors...but doable. Pretty much only need starter, clutch/fan radiator, and fill with fluids to see if it will run. Exhaust, alternator, AC, heater hose was done yesterday along with the emission stuff. Wish me luck...


good luck
If the wire loom is routed along the intake properly everything should hook up very easily........just FYI

Well, we got a runner! Third hit of the starter switch and it fired to life again since 2007. No funny noises, misses, or hiccups and ran very, very smooth. Changed the tranny fluid and filter before this, and of course, the cork gasket is leaking...I even put RTV on it and let it dry before install. Pan is straight and I torqued bolts in increments to a final of 10 ft.lbs., and cork still squeezed out the sides. Got a Fel-Pro on order and I intend not to use RTV this time.

Motor did develop a lopey idle in park after I shifted thru the gear selector to run the new tranny fluid through it, but smoothed out after I restarted the engine a few times. I'll check vacuum line from modulator to see if any fluid is in it. Other than that, I'll keep y'all posted up on progress

Finally got the trans pan gasket fixed. Went with Fel-Pro and theirs requires no sealant. Torqued bolts in increments to 9 ft.lbs. and WA-LA...no leaks! Also added loc-tite to the bolts to keep them in place.
How many quarts of Mercon V does this A4LD hold? The manual I have says nothing for the A4LD, only the other 2 transmission that came in explorers. I have 6 quarts in there now, don't forget I have a new TC and added 1/2 - 3/4 quart to it before install. Got to drive it say less than 1/2 mile, because right front caliper is locked up. So far tranny did what it was supposed to do and shifted thru all gears.
While the front wheels are off, today I am going to do the poor-mans washer lift. Reman. calipers won't be here till about 3:00 pm so that will kill some time, plus I have to install the hood, also. I'll get a pic of it after I finish the washer lift...Holler at y'all soon!


Promised a picture, here it is with 1.5" washer lift front and full add-a-leaf rear...

Pickle 1.5 inch lift front full AAL rear.jpg

And one more picture of the interior, vinyl flooring should be in next week sometime...

Pickle interior.jpg


Been running great, no leaks, funny noises, or hiccups. Did have engine check light come and only at low/lower rpms, pulled codes (KOEO and KOER) and got 335 and 565, EGR related. Wiggled connectors, checked vacuum lines and EGR diaphragm, all's good and it seemed to have sorted itself out. Only have about 150 miles on it, no tags yet. Been running the back roads at night so it's dirty. Put some new wheels on: Pro Comp 15x8 and BFG 31x10.5 AT's, and got interior finished with vinyl flooring. Heck, even the AC works! Checked all fluids and the rear axle was a quart low and dirty, the front was fine and clean, and transfer case I only had to top off. Plan on changing the rear axle gear oil soon. Four wheel drive engages after I pulled the motor and cleaned the brushes and greased the gears. Need to clean front hubs, they are not engaging. Installed new radio last night, sounds great! Thought I would give y'all a look...
Pickle new tires rims.jpg
Pickle cargo area.jpg
Pickle new interior F.jpg

Looks great. Not sure yet but I may end up doing a rebuild too

WELL DONE!! seriously it took you alot of work and effort to bring that 93 back to life, she will reward you, the old Gen I's are TANKS
Looks awesome!! Where did you get the rubber floor??