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94 Broncsplorer

Ok, here it is. Alot of this stuff is listed in my SAS registry and other threads, but I wanted to condense all my mods here.
It started as a 1994 Explorer Sport, here is a list of mods.

Front Axle
78 Bronco Dana 44 High Pinion
Warn Hubs
4.88:1 Gearing
Lock Right
Custom wristed and extended Radius Arms
Custom Track Bar mount
Wild horses EB 5.5 inch Lift Progressive coils
Pro Comp MX6 Adjustable Shocks
Bronc Spring buckets
7.5 degree C bushings

Rear Axle
Ford 9 Inch
4.88:1 Gearing
Detroit EZ Locker
Sprung over with heavy duty perches
3.5 inch Blocks

Wheels and Tires
35x12.50x15 BFG Mud Terrains
15x8 Chrome Rims :thumbdwn:

Uniden CB
Ammeter/Oil Pressure/Water temp combo

Custom Rear Tube Bumper
Custom Exhaust
Custom Nerf Bars

Future Mods
Custom Front Bumper
Trans temp gauge
Custom skid plate
Optima Battery
13 Leaf pack from EB
Custom High steer with DOM tube and Heims
Locar Parking Brake

I've taken it out a buch of times and the thing does great, I'll get some action shots up soon.

The First pic is the finished Product w/o the Driverside Nerf
The 2nd is stock
The 3rd is the animal in action.


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It looks like it changed a little bit :D Looking good. :thumbsup:

Here are some more pics.
The first one is my gauge cluster and CB installation
The second is of my nerf bar on the drivers side


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SICK! ;)

That looks bad a$$. Who made the rear bumper? Do you have pics of the front?

Indeed I did make the bumper, and a matching front bumper is in the works. making a tube bumper is alot of work, but the results are worth it in the end. That rear bumper took me about 10 hours total to build.
Notching the tube end to fit around another tube is a very time consuming process.

:thumbsup: Congrats on a job well done.

Now make me one exactly like it. :D

Urban offroading?


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Nice set up! I'm trying to do the same but having a hard time knowing what to get and what to do!

Is your axle full width? How did you do your radius arm brackets and extension?

I like your rig - looks real good. Looks like you can have a lot of fun in that thing. Good job and have fun!