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'94 Clutch Master Cylinder


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September 3, 2004
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San Antonio
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'94 XLT
OK guys - I replaced my clutch slave cylinder in my '94 and am having problems bleeding it. Started out with not much pedal - then tried to follow a .pdf I found on this site where you disconnect the line at the slave and have someone push the pedal while you open the valve in the hose. I ended up with no pedal.

Anyway - the instructions with the new slave cylinder says that if the master cylinder is mounted at an angle (which it is) you have to remove it to bleed it - turn it upside-down and bench bleed it. My Haynes manual doesn't say anything about bench bleeding the M/C.

So - has anyone successfully bled a "dry" clutch system without removing the M/C ?

Also - for anyone who has swapped in a new M/C (which I've been thinking of changing anyway with all the other new components) it appears I'd need to remove the plastic inner fender well to get the thing out. CURSES!!!

Thanks for any info! Mark