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94 Explorer 4x4. A4LD problem.


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November 14, 2009
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1994 explorer
Hello all. My son has a a4ld in his explorer. He bought the explorer with the following known problem. Supposedly the tranny was rebuilt but never worked. When Put into drive or reverse, it slips badly and will barely move the vehicle. Oil is up. I took off the pan and there was nothing in the pan. Filter looks good. Any idea's where I should start looking, OR just pull it and rip it apart. Thanks. I'm new to this forum although I've accessed information before.

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Yes, it has the deep pan with the filter that extends down toward the bottom. I havn't pulled the filter off yet, but will when it stops raining around here. I didn't say in my first post that when you put it into reverse or any forward range, you can feel a jerk like its engaged, but you have to rev the engine up quite high before it starts to barely move.


94 Explorer 4x4 a4ld tranny probleme

Well today I checked the pressure from the plug on the driver side of the transmissiion. The guage read about 190 lbs and would go higher if you revved the engine a bit. In drive and reverse, it would drop a bit lower, but not much. So, it seems to have decent pressure.

Now What?


94 Explorer 4x4 a4ld tranny probleme

OK, I was reading some of the other threads to do with pressures in drive, reverse etc. From what I can see, there isn't much change when I put the tranny is reverse, drive etc. Seems to stay up in the 190 lb range at idle and would only drop for a a few seconds when shift from reverse to drive etc. Could this be the pressure regulator valve in the valve body. One of the other threads indicated that the pressure should be lower by quite a bit when put into gear.

Any comments.