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94 explorer, A4LD shifting issues


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April 29, 2007
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barrie ontario canada
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99 explorer xlt (sohc)
my tranny history: I rebuilt this trans about 8 months ago. Took special care with VB rebuild. Transgo kit added. Installed all soft parts, and any hard parts that needed replacing? except the govenor. Also miked, measured and disected every part. Went back together without a problem. One week after rebuild trans was slow to upshift, 3 to 5 miles before she would shift properly. I decided to check the govenor. I didn't want to buy a new one , because of the cost. So I cleaned and polished that govenor to within a thousands of inch of its molecules. Shifted perfect after that. No problems for 8 months.
New shifting problem: It's back to the slow upshift again with a twist. sometimes when I come to a stop and I'm not stopped for more than 5 or 10 seconds, when I take off it's in second and then I feel it shift down to first and then it's OK again. also after an hour of non stop highway driving, when I do stop I feel the tranny shift down to first, but I've already been stopped for 20 or 30 seconds. This last thing has only happened twice, so I adjusted the bands and I think I've got that problem solved. Jeese, this is gettin long. Now the upshift problem. I noticed when it won't shift out of first, if I manually shift into second it shifts right away, but revs to the moon if shifted into third or OD. This is all happening between 1 and 3 miles on a cold start. Again, after the 4 th or 5th mile everthings warmed up and she's good to go and shifts fine until I park it for more than 2 hrs. I'm hoping its the valve body bolts or the govenor? Oh ya, the tranny fluid looks and smells like new. Thanks in advance to any and all advice or suggestions to these issues.

Welcome to this forum! Did you replace the modulator, and adjust the kick down cable? You might be better off replacing the governor, and adding the Sonnax 35MM weight. Sometimes they get a little worn down, and tend to bind.

X2. replace your governor and add the 35mm weight. I rebuilt the VB and cleaned up my governor and it worked fine for a while, but started doing the same things your is doing. Replacing the governor fixed it.

Just now reading your replies,(BrooklynBay & wood1). I've been out working on the governor problem. the sliding valve was jammed tight in the governor housing. Just the small end of the valve. Tapped it loose, what gets me is why would they make the housing out of aluminum? cheaper I would guess. Anyhow I had 2 other governors laying around, so cleaned polished and deburred everything, put her back together and away she went. next time it starts acting up I'll install new gov. with the sonnax weight. Thanks again for everyones insight, this forum just plain ROCKS.