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94 explorer cruise control not working?


June 8, 2013
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1994 Ford Explorer
My 94 Ford Explorer cruise control quit working ; system checks are : 10 fuse checked good, amplifier visually checked for cracks in circuit board(ok), cables /servo (vacuum hoses going in /out)checked (ok), brake pedal switch appears (ok), no clockspring (non airbag equipped) and 91-94 have no cruise control light, rear brakelights & horn work, and no ABS light on .

On top of the master cylinder there is a small switch with 2 wire going to it.

It is a redundant cruise control off switch designed to cut off the cruise control when you step on the brakes.

Remove the connector and see if there is brake fluid leaking out of it.

Mine went out and that was the cause.

I'm sorry to point out the above post is for the 1995 model which uses a different system, there is no such switch on the 94. But, the suggestion is very close! The 94 uses a vacuum dump for the brake pedal. The valve is inside, on the brake pedal lever. If you look under the dash for a rubber hose near the pedal, you will find it. It is adjustable by hand and it probably just needs adjusting. You will get the idea when you see it.