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94 Explorer: Diagnosing transmission/clutch problem


August 15, 2011
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94 Explorer
Howdy! I'm looking for some help diagnosing what just went wrong with the transmission system on my manual 94 Explorer

Driving on the highway today, I shifted gears, felt kind of a "ker-chunk", and after pressing on the gas pedal, my revs shot up... So I put it in neutral, pull over, and do a few quick things to see what might be wrong with it. This is what I know:

- The clutch feels normal still. That is, depressing it doesn't feel any looser or tighter than it normally does.
- I can move the shifter as if the clutch is pressed in. It doesn't feel loose/'free', but it feels like it does feel like it 'snaps' into gear the same as it would normally, except the clutch is not being pressed down at all.
- When the shifter is in gear, the wheels don't engage. I can give the truck gas and the revs shoot up as if the truck is still in neutral.

So it feels like the truck is stuck in neutral or the clutch is stuck in an engaged position. Any idea what the cause of this could be?

Thanks for any help/suggestions/etc

94 explorer transmission problem

We just had exactly the same thing happen this weekend to ours. I'd love to hear anyone's input.

Also, we had absolutely no indication that there was anything going wrong. It shifted beautifully into all gears until it happened.