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94 explorer Drivetrain question! Need help?!?!


October 28, 2006
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Chicopee, Ma
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1994 EX XLT
Hello, so I ....well my X-girl was driving the truck yesterday....Jacked on the breakes, hit a pot hole....Drove 20 move feet till the parking spot. Put it in park....and then Back to reverse. When driving backwards i heard a bad noise! I get out and look under the truck, And one of my front drive shafts was not turning frealy.. When the wheel was stright it moved, but when turning it binded...Made a bad noise again.

Back to drive now...and the noise went away...It has not come back...but i am worried my front end is buggered! anyone can point out anything to check, please let me know..

1994 A4LD auto...110K kept up well! Tranny services, oil changes...I need to do suspension work...but all and all a ok truck. It has been in a fender bender in the front...but it was put back together very well. Did brakes 5 months ago.

Just trying to give all info i can about it.

Why were your front axles engaged? Sounds like you were running in 4x4 on the street?? I'm assuming you meant axles and not drive shafts since you only have one front driveshaft and one rear drive shaft...

OOps yes, i ment the axl...Not the drive shaft! My bad!! see when i type fast it sucks.

Nope 4x4 was not on! But arnt the shafts supposed to move all the time? what does it mean when only one axl turns? front axl...not drive shaft...that still turns no problem...the transfere case was rebuilt awhile ago.

Thanks for responding so quick..

P.S. i also noticed my E-brake light is coming on and off at random...started the same time this did

the front drive shaft and axles will only turn when either the hubs are locked or the transfercase is in 4x4, if the hubs are locked but not in 4x4 then the front will not be receiving power.

it is possible to have your hubs engaged while the transfercase is in 2wd and that would cause your front axle to spin and give you the symptoms your describing.

then changing direction with the 4x4 turned off would make the hubs unlock and the symptoms go away

of course thats assuming you have auto hubs.