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94 Explorer EB 4.0l 4x4

December 15, 2010
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Holland, MI
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'94 Eddie Bauer
About a month ago, i scanned my 94 and found trouble codes 332, 335, and 336. I then found out that these all had to do with the EGR and DPFE. My dad, being a ford mechanic for the past 11 years, said that it was probably the DPFE sensor. So i bought a new sensor and replaced the old one. My CEL still kept coming on and just tonight, i scanned it again to find codes 327, 332, and 336. The only symptom that appears to be happening is poor gas mileage. Any ideas on what this problem might be?

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KOEO or CM codes (or KOER if you performed the KOER test)? KOEO codes almost have to be electrical and will, therefore, be related to the DPFE circuit. If you need to, refer to my "notes on pulling EEC-IV codes" thread for help on distinguishing KOEO and CM codes.

Well for KOEO i got 327 and then for CM i got 332, 336, and 337. But on the KOER i just got 327.

SOP is to resolve KOEO codes first. If replacing the DPFE did not resolve the code, I see two possibilities: 1) The new DPFE is faulty or 2) There's a break in the wiring between the DPFE and the PCM.

I suppose a faulty PCM is also a possibility, but it would be the "if nothing else fixes it" conclusion.

I just remembered that the first time i did the KOEO test the first code i received was 114, but that was the only time it ever came up. I believe 114 has something to do with the IAT sensor being out of range. Is it possible for a code to come up once, but to not come up again?

Yes, especially a KOEO 114. KOEO 114 is usually operator error -- namely, you performed the test on a "cold" engine' The PCM expects to see the IAT above a certain temp during the KOEO test. Too cold, and you get that code.

Ahhh ok yea i didnt have the engine warmed up. I cleared the codes and will be checking to see if the CEL comes back on again. Ill keep you up to date.

Dummy me. I didn't take the old rubber piece out of the wiring clip so the clip wasn't going on the new DPFE all the way. Opps!

Well that didn't fix the problem either, even with the wiring clip on all the way.

I had the same problem in Jan. with my 1994.. 336 code I replaced the DPFE sensor week later rescanned and got a 336 again. Long story short replaced EGR Vacuum Regulator (EVR) Problem solved!

Time line of what I did with the whole EGR System in a 3 week period

1. Replaced the DPFE sensor
2. Replaced the EGR Valve
3. Replaced the EVR

Being the SUV is 17 yrs old I replaced all 3 components at a cost of $120...

Problems I had rough idle, a slight ping with driving on highways going up hills 60mph, slugglish

What ive noticed also im getting about 1 mile per gallon better before city and highway 16.5 to 17.5 now.

Well mine does not run rough at all really. I've been thinking of taking it to my local Ford dealer to get it diagnosed properly.