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94 explorer no power/ rt bank plugs burning up


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March 12, 2015
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1994 ford explorer
No codes. Have replaced IAT, ECT and TPS. New plugs and wires 10,000 miles ago. Started runing rough. Checked plugs and rt bank plugs burnt off. Replaced those plugs. 500 miles later, running rough, checked plugs and rt bank plugs starting to deteriate again. Replaced and engine will hardly tach out now. Changed coil pack and MAF sensor from friends working Explorer and nothing changed. All vacumn lines appear to be good, fuel pressure checks out, injectors tested by listening by stethoscope. Their has also been engine knock problems with this motor. Please help as soon as possible as this is my work ride.

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Detonation in only bank 1? I would be highly suspicious of the bank 1 O2 sensor, but they often have a code. There are some other causes of detonation, but I can't think of anything else that could cause all 3 cylinders to act like that.

I'm going to throw something out and ask for comments from those with much more experience... With a known engine knock, could it be something like an intake or exhaust gasket causing a fuel mixture issue?

Mine had a similar prob when I first bought it.

The first CAT had melted into the second causing high EGT which was more severe on the right bank simply because it is closer to the CAT's.

Right bank plugs showed evidence of running hotter than the right, and yes it spark knocked badly and had no power.