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94 Explorer Project

Name: Keith
Year: 1994
Model: Explorer XLT 4x4
State: NC
City: Elizabeth City
Email: ehrkeith@hotmail.com

Explorer is now scrapped due to a cracked engine block. Warning for anyone else if your engine is running hot fix it immeaditly. Was a great truck I took everything I had on it and some parts off before I scrapped it so it wasn't a complete waste. Have a ranger now new registry up soon.

Ill post pics tomorrow of the explorer. What wrong with it and all that.

New tires

I was able to pick it up for 800 dollars, which is really unheard of in my area for a 4x4. It runs good, has some decent tires, and 4x4 works great.

Recently Flushed my Cooling system and replaced heater bypass valve. If you have any questions on that or how to fix a freeze plug or install a thermostat ask away.

Pics of Mods:
Coming Soon!

Things to do as of now:
Air intake
Subs (MTX 2 12" Terminators with 800w jackhammer amp)
5" Skyjacker lift
Manual Hubs
Custom Brush Guard
Winch(10k Smitty)
Fix door panels
Fix window motors - DONE
Light Bar - Front DONE
Cb Radio
Fix window buttons
Tint windows
Paint Grille - DONE
Tires(BF Goodrich Mud Terrains 31x10.50R15 on stockers) - DONE

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Be sure to get a good alarm after your stereo install. Lest you end up with another broken sunroof.

nice x

Got Air Pump Hooked up

Finished installing heres pics!

Air Pump all hooked up, tied down for now until I can get a bracket for it.

Wires hooked up under rear seat

Switch wired under cup holder

Also had nothing to do today so I painted the grill and headlight cases, I think it came out pretty cool.

Starting Passenger head light

Working on grille

put back together, starting Driver head light

finished product

Finally got my window motor fixed, and put a new dust shield up. Pics later on the dust shield. I feel like an idiot with the window motor, I pushed the wires together and it worked the wires were just loose :/

Went wheelin for the first time the other day, ended up gettin stuck for about an hour then gettin out and stuck for 2 more hours until I could get someone to pull me out. The four wheel drive worked great and it handled some easy trails. Somehow a few days later my serpentine belt snapped but I replaced it right away, it was easy. Lookin at some SS boggers to run with my suspension lift in a few months.

If you plan on driving it on the road I would look into something besides Super Swampers. They work wonders for what there made for but suck on the road. If I were you I would look into a radial. You will be a lot happier with them if you plan on driving it every day.

Here in about another month or so I will have all my lift, gear, and lockers for sale if you interested. Your kind of local to me.

Good luck on the build.

Well its my daily driver right now but my commute to work is only 2 miles round trip and If i drive anywhere more than 20 miles I usually drive a honda civic. I pretty much do some kind of wheelin everyday anyway.

What lift exactly you've had so many I'm slightly confused, and will the locker go in my stock diff?

I'll probably be visiting in raleigh around the time your selling that so I could drive out close to you and meet you to buy anything if it works out.

Its a older 5.5" Skyjacker kit. Going to be selling it, Warn manual hubs, 4.56 gears front and rear and lunchbox lockers front and rear. Going to try to sell the axles complete first since they already have the 4.56 gear setup and locks in them so all you would have to do is buy them and bolt them in.

fellow North Carolinian! howdy. Looks like a good buildup you have planned.