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94 Explorer Sport power locks won't unlock


July 29, 2004
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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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'94 Explorer Sport
They will lock but not unlock. I have a remote starter with the lock and unlock feature. Doors lock with the remote but not unlock. Neither the drivers side or passenger side manual switch will unlock the doors, but they will both lock the doors. I pulled back the accordian type cover on the wiring harness on the drivers door and took a quick look but couldn't find any broken wires. Any ideas? Couldn't be a fuse otherwise they wouldn't lock, right?

Also, is there a connection on the wiring harness going to the door that I can unplug so I can pull of the accordian boot to get a better look? If so, would it be on the door side or the truck body side?

I know you issue was long time ago..but did you ever find out what the problem was? I have identical issues but for one difference...the passenger unlock works for all doors..that's it!! Nothing else works..even the remote does not unlock/lock the doors.

Found the problem...finally. It was a loose wire that is part of the remote/alarm system. Thanks to all!!!