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94 explorer sputters and tries to stall when stopped

Here's something to try for fun...The ECT and ACT sensors both perform the duties of a choke. If you think it's acting like a choke is stuck, (and the computer can't compensate via the O2 sensor, which generates your code) then maybe try to do a resistance check on both sensors. There are tables on the internet which show temperature/resistance limits, but here's an abbreviated list for the ACT:

50 degrees - 58.75 ohms, 104 degrees - 16.15 ohms, 140 degrees - 7.7 ohms, etc.

(For the ECT the Ohms are the same but multiply by 1000, according to my book). Basically as the temp goes up, the resistance should go down. A cold engine should show resistance, a hot engine should show very little resistance - almost a short circuit. It may not be your problem, but it's a easy and free check.

Hope it helps.

Actually I think I got it for sure this time. I changed the fpr and the return hose for it. The fpr seems to have stopped it from running rich. When I had it on checking the idle I ke pt hearing a loud click every time it went to idle high. I was looking under the hood and noticed the ac compressor kept kicking on and causing the idle to go up. After about 2 or 3 seconds the compressor would shut back off and the idle would drop back down. So I unplugged the ac compressor and it stopped fluctuating and idle went to normal. Hasn't sputtered or fluctuated idle since.

dunno if u fixed it but i had the same problem with bad fuel pumps. bought a airtex pump from autozone, car died just like yours. replaced the fuel pump with another airtex, ran fine for 2 weeks then same thing. bought a delphi from advance auto, i can drive as far as i want now. replace your pump and filter at the same time and dont get a cheap pump. airtex has a 20% return rate on their pumps