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94 Explorer with 10.5 inch's of lift!


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April 24, 2003
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New Mexico
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94 xlt
Well its all done! I just got done putting my 6 inch skyjacker lift on. I ended up leaving the f150 spacers in the front to give it a total of 10.5 inch's of lift. In these pictures it has 33's on it, But soon i will be upgrading.

F150 Spacer + 3 inch body + 6 inch skyjacker= 10.5 inch's!


^Off camber big time! This is before i added the spacer.


^Another shot of the camber.


^My spindle got stripped some how. The nut backed off for some reason. All fixed now!


^6 inch lift with spacer in


^Passenger side with 6 inch lift and spacer


^Sittin nice and pretty!


^All the left over parts. Need any? PM me.

All in all it was worth the blood and sweat i put into it the last three days. I will have pics of the finished product tomorrow!

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like this



So...............when are you taking the body lift out? :)

I might soon. Still dont know. I may leave it until this isnt my daily driver. For show now. :(

The alignment is better now. I forgot to say that. The spacer fixed it.

thats what i was thinking... the spacer should have givin it positve camber and that would have leveled it out some from its current negative... get your alignment done, after the jump like that, your toe is probably like 6 degrees off, and you may not be able to see it easily

Thanks Jim! Im getting it done at 1pm on monday. You are right. It is currently positive and im gonna have to get shims now. It was maxed out from the spacer lift before.

Joey, congrats on getting the lift in. I guess you have to go to 35s now huh. ;) Man I wanted that lift.

That looks great! Make sure to take lots of pics w/ the new tires too. Oh and I love the new sig. Robb. :p

Here's some more pics. Also i need a sway bar. What do you guys suggest?





Here's some flex pics. I think i may have the radius arms to tight but im not sure.




Nice. Time to update that sig.

Looking good Joey! For the front swaybar, if you want it on, I would cut the "dog bone" part of the links then sleave them with some tube/pipe. You could weld one side of them together then drill a hole through the other side and put a pin through it for a quick disconnect. Or you can make or buy a sawybar drop-down bracket.

Thanks Brian, I was gonna extend them but the drop brackets for the ttb push it forward so it would hit the sway bar. The sway bar drop kit i got moves it forward about in inch.


Looks awesome man, it surely is one Bad A$$ Ex. Man now your also makign me want to keep my truck...

Good job!!! :thumbsup: :burnout:

what did you do to fix the spindle? replace it? I'm going to get new lock washer/nuts when I do mine to prevent that. I'm lookin for some 5.5 coils.. but I'm guessing that's not what you took out.

I just used a thread file. Its all better now.

What shocks did you use up front? Where did you get them, and how much?

I used Rancho 9000's. They came with the lift so i couldnt answer the others.

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Very nice job! What part of NM are you in; I would like to see it in person! Are those stock front coils you took out? I need to replace mine.