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94 ford exp bogging problem


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November 7, 2010
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explorer 94 SPORT
lets start off with hi I'm new here been scanning the forums last few days and decided to finally post because i am stumped

lets start with i have a 94 ford exp 4 speed with overdrive stick shift 4.0L
the problem i am having with it is when its cold/not warm it runs fine if you ease into the gas pedal runs fine and shift before 2k + rpm if you get over 2k + it starts bogging the farther you push the pedal the more it bogs if you try to take off pedal to the floor it bogs after 20-30 mins driving
it starts bogging at all times i can only get up to 15-20 mph if i apply any more gas it acts as if the engine is going to die it doesn't die tho even if i floor it its like on the edge of dying....
also when trying to start it cold or when it has been sitting for a few mins it does not want to start it will start with REAL low rpm 200-500 then die and i have to keep cranking it finally it will start and jump to 1.5k rpm then slowly go back down to 1k rpm
i also have the great old check engine light koeo test it comes up with code 214 but i dont think it has a cps least not to what autozone says... i am truly lost on this one and trying to get it running right before Tuesday or will have to use dodge for my job @.@

thx for all help

Bogging continued

I am have exactly the same problem.....I changed plugs and wires a couple weeks ago, changed the fuel filter and air filter around the same time. Someone told me it was the fuel pump...After 2 days of work got it replaced and buttoned up..... Also the CAT was completely blocked so I fixed it....
Exactly what is happening with me...If you find anything out please let me know...email ...cell...hell might even give out the home number for this one.....

i got myen working i replaced the coil pack the icm and the crankshaft senser took care of my problem might take a look at them or check error codes

Ck the fuel pressure, the regulators used to go bad and dump fuel and black smoke. Also the maf sensor, they go bad often on these. If you want to you can disconnect the maf sensor and drive it, if it runs much better the maf would be the problem. Sometimes it will be hard to start or stall with it disconnected so you may have to keep your foot on the gas to keep it running.