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94 limited build

Got my windshield replaced two weeks back. Today I replaced the radiator, water pump, fan, fan clutch, thermostat, hoses.

Next I need to focus on new tires and rims, shocks, new brakes.

I'm also thinking about swapping out my rear end for a 2nd gen so I'd have all disk brakes and a better gear ratio.

Had a fun little issue on the way home. I started overheating. Turns out a hose came free and I lost all my coolant. I made it to the top of an exit ramp.

I turned it off and sat to let it cool down. Tried to restart it when i had it back together and filled with water from the gas station and once it was cool but no dice.

It turns over like it wants to crank. But it's like I'm not getting a spark.

No white smoke and none of the fluids look like they are mixing.

edit: after refilling the radiator and trying it started this morning i'm getting water mixing into the oil.

I'm sorry to hear that. How far are you from TN here, to Knoxville?

I have my old engine and trans from my 93 still, 112,622 miles on them. I have the four wheels with bad clear coat, the caps for those, and little else(instrument cluster, steering wheel(not good)). I have a 91 XLT 4WD that has a bad trans seal, and I may sell it to the PAP here just to not have to drop the trans to fix that seal. They don't bring much money any longer. Good luck,