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'94 Mazda 4x4 - take a look


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March 26, 2002
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Ok, so I know its not an Explorer, but it is close to a Ranger, which is close to one... And its close to a Navajo, which is almost one as well... Anyways, Im looking for your opinions on Mazda B4000 trucks... There is a 1994 4x4 here for sale. You can see the link on autotrader.com Take a look:
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Asking price is $6,995... what is your experience with these trucks? opinions? advice? lemme know...

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Looks really good. But seems to be way over priced.

They don't mention the mileage, which usually means it is high. For $7K, it better have low mileage.


Really depends on the mileage but 4500-5000 is the most I would pay.

Just put on a 9" lift on one for a friend, easy to work on. His has 141,000 miles, and he has had about same issues as explorers, radiater,and brake rotors, other than that not many problems. From a car lot that's probably average price, you could probably do better from a private owner.