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94' Ranger 4x4 NOT Working!


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February 10, 2011
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Lodi, Wi
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I posted in another thread. Being new to this site, I'm still trying to figure all the different forums out! I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing this question, but I tell you my problems anyway! LOL

Initially, the push button 4x4 light (not low range) would flicker. That turned into the push button 4x4 light (not low range) staying on all the time, with out ever being pushed. Seemed like when it was wet out, it did it, witch progressed into it doing it all the time. You could push it, and get the 4x4 to work however. After a while, none of it lit up, or worked....
Transfer case control module replaced.
Shift motor replaced.
Push button on dash replaced.
Fuses never blown, but replaced.
Relay's under hood replaced.
All items were taken from a working 4x4 Ranger.
Only goofy part, I can't seem to do to a TCM test (where you unplug the 2 harnesses and watch the light). Reset does nothing either. Doesn't seem like there's any power getting to the TCM (not sure how to test that). 4x4 light on dash doesn't light up when it's plugged in either. Has anyone found a common wiring harness problem, or common bad ground some where? I'm lost