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94 ranger slipping only in morning, Please Help


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March 26, 2011
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Lacey,New Jersey
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94 Ranger Super Cab
Hello, I'm new here and new to fords and auto trans. I hope I put this post in the right area. Any way My Ranger has 130,000 on it. I bought about a year ago. The only thing wrong then was it would clunk, but not Trans, more like mount as I took off which I havent figured out yet, still working on it though. Now I have a problem with it shifting to second. In the mornings here its been cold and when I first leave in truck, it will shift fine in first, but wont shift again till it hits 35mph. By that time its at its end of the gear. After it has been driving for 5 mins. or so It will shift into every gear fine, but to me it seems like it shifts hard, like u can feel it shifting. I changed the modulator today and no change, except thats when it seemed to shift harder. Im going to do fluid and screen change, any other ideas would greatly be appreciated. I went from chevy to a ford and I hope I made a good choise. A4LD

Thanks Guys