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94' Vibration


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March 18, 2004
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94 XLT
Started Experenced vibration with Goodyear RT/S's, while having tires balanced noticed the two front end tires were out of round and unbalanceable.. so replaced complete set with 235/75/R15 Michelin LTX Tires and still noticed vibration at speeds greater than 60+mph. (O-50+/- mph the vibration is unnoticable) still fearing bad batch of tires, had new tires installed, checked out and load balanced. Vibration is still there and is noticable wobble in the floorboard and even transmits throught the steering column.. The vibration appears to get worse the longer the car is driven. Repalced all shocks after Michelin LTX tires installed...Radial arm bushings and alignment performed 5 months ago.
---Possible wheel bearings?, Ball Joints, U'Joints, or just a bad batch of Michelin LTX tires?? Help.!!!!

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It could be anyone of those things. If you have any play in the steering I would look at the whell bearings first. To check your ball joints, jack up the front end and grab the tire by the top and bottom and try to wiggle it. Also try to wiggle it side to side to check your tie rod ends. I am still chasing the vibration on mine. The only thing I have left to replace on the front end is the wheel bearings.

is there not a sure fire fix to this? cause mine is also doing this, and it seems alot of 94 explorers are plagued with this problem....

Most 1st Gen Exploders were plagued with vibrations problems. Do any of you have aftermarket wheels? I noticed one with 31x10.50s. That will have an effect. The Exploders are very touchy when it comes to different tire sizes and aftermarket wheels as most are not hubsentric. There is not a sure fire solution. I have owned a couple of Exploders and worked at two tire shops in my life dealing with many of the same issues.

There was a recall around '94 that put a dampner on the engine to help with vibration.

Check your rear u-joints as well as the splines. Both can wear causing vibrations.

hope this helps.


Do a search on vibrations. Most of us have tried everything anyone can think of and we still have vibrations, me included.

I have replaced
Rims with certified straight stock replacements
RA bushings
Wheel bearings front and rear
All steering linkage
Brake drums

My vibration seems to come from the middle of the truck not one of the corners. I still have the stock dampener discs on the trany and rear diff. Mine didn't come with the 5th shock between the diff and the frame.

The most improvment came from the 2 new rims I bought. I replace ones that had curb rash, thinking the lips might have gotten bent.

I haven't replaced Ball joints, spindles or the other 2 rims. I decided to live with it and put my money into performance mods instead.:burnout: