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94 x losing power while driving

could the Camshaft Synchronizer cause this...i have the chirp now

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ruled out the cat...it does not have one....next items to replace
fuel pressure reg...edit it does not need one
spark plugs
fix exhaust
replace map
replace iac
clean maf

if this dont fix it....V8 swap

well from a search on here i pulled the vac hose from fpr and plugged it and no change. still runs like crap and no fuel in the fpr vac hose.

here is what my plugs looked like





new plug on left old on right. new is the 605 the 93-94's call for and the old one is a 765 for 91-92....look at the thread length. makes me wonder if the plug was not reaching far enough into the cylinder.


Believe it or not, functionally, those are the same plug with the same reach. If I have time this evening, I'll doodle on my computer and show you why. But remember, the sealing is done at the chamfer near the hex, not at the end of the threads, necessarily. The hole in the head for the spark plug is not what you might expect on the inside.

yeah, this pos is still skipping . new plugs, wires, coil. no cat so thats not the problem, jy fuel pump, tested fpr, nothing fixed it. i am fed up with this truck...its for sale...make an offer

ok rant over...what do i need to do know? i need to get this thing going...its my daily driver

Are you still getting check engine lights? Have you read out the old ones?

Can you buy or borrow a fuel pressure gauge and check pressure when it is acting up? It sounds fairly predictable. I appreciate that you changed out the fuel pump, but with one from a junkyard still makes it suspect.

I think if you can get more information, maybe the next part you buy will fix it.

they don't stay on but for a few seconds but i was just making a video to post here on it running and i found a big problem...number 6 plug was arcing like crazy. pulled it out and the ceramic was cracked where it meets the base. going change that out and see what happens

well that made it run alot better....still has a cough every now and then and kinda sounds like its not getting enough fuel...i need to get a fuel pressure tester....

still think i am going to install a new fpr,map, and iac along with a new fuel pump.clean or replace the injectors,new intake and valve cover gaskets. might cost a bit for a 246000 mile motor but i want it to run good.

just took it for a spin...does seem to have more power even though it has 3:27 gears. guess a axle swap is in the future....98+ disc brake 8.8 with 3:73 and a d30 hp or a 9/d44 fw. and a auto swap....yes i want it automatic...get rid of the 5 spd....anybody want to trade my manual for your auto

My recent issue seems similar

Reading your post, symptoms and things to do, it sounds very similar to what I just went thru and posted about, not exactly the same but pretty similar to my later symptoms. In fact when reading your post it caused me to remember my most recent symptoms had not been included in my post and I had to go back and edit it.

I encourage you to clean the MAF if you have not gotten to it, That is what It turned out to be in my case.

Hope that you find it soon, it sucks to worry about reliability in the daily driver.

has a new maf

ok pulled the plugs and number 6 was wet with fuel and with the new belden lifetime wire it was not sparking. put a old wire on and got spark. put plug and old wire in and started truck......still skipping. do you think a injector could be stuck open and fouling out that plug or just getting so wet that it cannot spark?

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I'm sorry to go back over old ground but I see 6 is driver-side rear cylinder. This is the one that gets wet with a leaking FPR. I'd disconnect and plug the FPR, get everything dry and see what happens. I know you didn't see gas in the line, but I think this is worth a second look.