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94 XLT After

Here is my 94 X that I sold. I just got a new computer that was fast enough to upload pics to the net, and also if anybody cares my new Bronco is here to.


Tell me what ya think.

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er, still not workin

Did you make that folder available to the public?

photos should work now, they work for me on my computer at school.

photos dont work for me

no worky.

no pics for me either :( :shoot:

Sorry, been out of town but here is a new link, I made it public so it SHOULD work.


I got a few interior pics of the x if anybody wants to see them, I will post. Also the b*tch I sold it to has completely ruined it, I kind of wish I would have kept it.


Truck looks real nice with those rims on it keep up all the good work and the link worked for me right away.

It does look nice, but I think he sold it and got a Bronco as one of his previous posts might say. haha I've looked over things like that before too.:D

Thanks, I did sell the explorer, but I kind of wish I kept it. Thanks for the replies, this post has been dead for a while.

nice bronco dude!if the tranny goes in my explorer, i think im going to get a bronco. good lookin truck!

Sweet, I love my bronco, I have done a lot more **** since that pic, and in a couple of months, I will have a cowl induction hood, and a set of headers.