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94 XLT brake fluid question

scott k

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June 23, 2002
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chicago, il
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'94 XLT
My mom has a 94 xlt with about 120,000 miles. The brakes are horrible. I changed the rotors and pads but its almost scary to brake still. Which leads me to that the brake fluid needs to be changed. How many liters am I going to need to flush the system and bleed them.


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look at the fluid... it should be a clear to an amber color..... if it is brown then it is probably time to flush it..... if you dont know how to do it yourself, dont attempt it... take it into a shop.... i would take it into a shop regardless... if you goof up and die, it is your fualt... if a shop goofs up and you die, then your family can sue the shop ;) anyway, the whole system requires very little fluid... id say about 2-3 time what is required to fill the master cylinder as a conservative estimate.....

im positive i can do the job as long as i get someone to pump the pedal for me. i was just wondering how many liters to buy. you think dot 4 racing fluid is overkill? ;)

dot 3 & 4 are interchangeable.... really in most applications they are the same....... to the best of my knowledge true race cars use synthetic silicon brake fluid that is dot 5........ never mix dot 3/4 with dot 5

I use motul 600 for my ITR on the track. I will probably pick up some val. syn. for my moms car.

Gimp, thanks :]

synthetic dot 3 & 4 is fine to use... just do not get it mixed up with synthetic dot 5 silicon.....

ill try not to. not like its common at $75 a liter for the f1 grade.